Seven Knights 1.7.50 (Global version) for Android

■ Update content
・Variation subjugation・First Regular Season Chapter 2
・New mythological equipment enhancement system
・Various specifications improvements/adjustments
・Other bug fixes

[Features of Seven Knights]

① New sense! Real-time turn-based battle!
Each character acts in real time.
Skills are activated on a turn basis, so use them strategically considering the order of action.

② Flashy skills!
The skills used by the character are various, including cool and cute!
Even more beautiful graphics and powerful!

③ A powerful raid battle!
A raid battle that combines flashy graphics and power that is a bit different from normal battle.
Let's defeat super powerful monsters with your friends.

④ Power up characters by evolution
A grown character can evolve into a more powerful character by evolving.
Furthermore, all ★4 start characters can evolve to ★6!

⑤ Select the formation that suits your team!
Depending on the formation, the attack power and defense power increase,
There are various benefits such as being difficult to be targeted depending on the position of the character,
Choose the right formation for your team and develop a battle strategically!

⑥ A magnificent story woven by unique characters!
"Daisuke Namikawa" "Rina Sato" "Shinichiro Miki" "Tomokazu Seki" "Rika Matsumoto" "Masako Katsura"
Gorgeous voice actors such as "Satomi Arai", "Kentaro Ito" and "Tomoyuki Morikawa" will participate!

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