Seven Mysteries 3.3 for Android

Seven Mysteries is a pretty famous horror role-playing anime game released by a Vietnamese publisher. This game has been receiving the love of domestic and international players.

About Seven Mysteries

Seven Mysteries tells the story of choices and friendships.


In a certain town there was a mysterious school. This school has many secrets that no one has ever discovered. But then one day, a bunch of new students at the school accidentally discovered a mystery. These students accidentally found a link to each other to reveal the truth. Together they go to find the truth, open mysterious doors to step into the fog.


The game Seven Mysteries is developed based on not too picky gameplay, is an adventure role-playing game. Your task in this game is to go with the students to find the hidden truth in the school. Sometimes, you have to solve puzzles to uncover the truth.

Seven Mysteries consists of 7 chapters and each chapter has many different endings, depending on your choices and decisions. You are the one who decides the fate of the curious characters in the game.

Graphics and sound

The image quality in the game is not very impressive because it is only developed with 2D graphics. But this is not a traditional role-playing game, so 3D graphics are not very necessary. The gameplay of the game is mainly adventure and mystery, so the image is not designed to be sophisticated.

As a mysterious style game, the color tone in the game is always dark, exuding a coldness that can only be seen thanks to the lights. This increases the horror effect advertised in the first place.


  • Includes 7 chapters with various endings
  • You decide the fate of the characters yourself
  • Support Vietnamese, English and Chinese
  • Play without internet
  • No ads in the game


  • There is no function to review the progress of the game
  • There are some bugs
  • Limited functionality
  • Graphics are not really eye-catching

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Download Seven Mysteries APK for Android

Although it is an old game, Seven Mysteries is still loved by many Vietnamese gamers. Especially those who love adventure games, discover mysteries, can not ignore this game. The link to download the game Seven Mysteries APK is ready below. You can download and experience for free.

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