Sheltered APK + MOD v1.0 (Unlimited Water/Food)

Sheltered MOD APK is a strategy game from the publisher Team 17 Digital Limited. In the game, you are a character who is trying to struggle with all the pitfalls to survive with his family in the underground concrete bunker. What do you do when the surroundings are dark only and everything comes with a price?

Sheltered: What will you do if the world ends, and family is the only thing you have?

The post-apocalyptic topic is thought to be old but Sheltered seems to “wear a new shirt” for it

Sheltered began with a gloomy atmosphere, and the tagline Survive a Post-Apocalyptic world itself signaled a period of unhappiness. Although it is based on a post-apocalyptic topic, what we see is not an ended world but the stories of “aftershock” survivors. You will only have your family left and they are also the only reason for you to exist and protect. For your beloved family to survive in a deep underground concrete bunker, you will have to do everything you can.

The beauty of Sheltered is there are full details that force the player to weigh between reason and emotion, between reality and morality. Each choice has its outcome for yourself and your whole family. So, with each step you have to think a little further. Is it worth it? Should you do it? Because now you live not only for yourselves but also for your loved ones.

Behind the game’s appearance which looked sluggish is the extreme pressure on us

The game got off to a slow start. You can seem to feel each of the character’s hesitant steps. Everything is true to human logic when all around is death: you have a heavy and extremely tragic mentality and you feel your existence is as fragile as a thread. The more you play, the more you will feel the threat and danger in each episode. The thrill comes not from the smoky fights but from the survival instinct and the dangerous reality that you and your family are facing.

In the game, the family consists of 4 characters with four different roles, strengths, and weaknesses. You can be customized to be one by one on all four characters. These characters will have different needs from time to time. And you must be continuously going from East to West to satisfy those requirements. For example, Dad is tired and needs a bed, Mom needs a book to read, a hungry little girl wants to eat while a sleepy little boy needs sleep, …

In the game, through big and small challenges (doing this, fixing that, finding that …) you will accumulate achievement points, develop skills for each family member. At the same time, you will fill up the inventory of raw materials, weapons, and food reserves to get ready to battle for survival.

You not only address real needs but also fight enemies. The ferocious beasts and ferocious wanderers are also struggling to survive, just like you. There is nothing scarier than desperate people. In a family of only four members, who will you choose to go up to the ground and face the enemies? You can choose whoever but remember to ensure that they are equipped with the most suitable and complete weapons to be able to fight and return safely. Violence does not end well, but sometimes fighting is the only way to survive.

And that’s not the end, you and your family also encounter all kinds of unforeseen things in the world such as unexplained illness or the water tank in the bunker leaking out and a sudden water crisis.

One more thing is the need to make weapons for self-defense. To fight against the enemies come suddenly and to find the resources above, you will have to invent defensive weapons based on available resources. But be aware that using resources for one thing will lead to a shortage for the other.

At the same time, you must continuously build and expand the bunker with more floors and allow other pitiful people to live together. That such many missions are for you to imagine how busy you will be in this game.

The “spontaneity” in Sheltered pushes the challenge to the extreme

Game is a process of survival with random challenges. Both in the bunker and on the ground, the designs are randomly delivered by an AI algorithm in each turn.

One more point shows the randomness in the game: To survive, you need to learn to balance the resources that are bestowed or hidden somewhere in the game. Do you think it’s too easy? Absolutely no!

The main reason is that resources in this doomed world are very limited. And to find what you need, you will always have to pay a price. Like you want to sleep you have to make a bed, spend more time and energy. After sleeping, your stomach will be hungry. That’s just a very small example. Sheltered brings more and more unexpected “cruel” unexpected situations. You realize that there can never be a perfect choice, only a choice with fewer bad consequences for yourself and your family.

Graphics and sound in Sheltered

The game has pixel graphics, so there isn’t much of a difference between family members, which means you can only distinguish them by clothes and height. In return, the pixel graphics in Sheltered are raised to a new level when showing a lot of details, from small objects around to the character’s movements.

The music in the game is quite quiet, suitable for the “basement lifestyle” that you and your family are going through. But for me, this type of music is a very good background for special effects to be prominent during playing. For example, the sound of water flowing into the sink, the sound of hammer hitting, the sound of footsteps moving on the ground … These are the “divine spices” that increase suspense in the game.

MOD APK version of Sheltered

MOD feature

Unlimited Food/Water

Increase when you use.

Download Sheltered MOD APK for Android

Overall, it is a really good game that you must play once in your life! Let’s download Sheltered MOD APK and play now! It’s completely free.

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