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I believe everyone once dreamed of flying an airplane across the sky. But just a very few can make that dream come true. If you are among the rest like me, why don’t you make your dream come true by playing Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets APK?

Introduce about Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets

Let’s talk a little bit about the publisher. Atypical Games is also the one behind famous mobile games like Sky Gamblers, Battle Supremacy, and Radiation. Now have you figured out how epic this air combat game is?

An extremely eye-catching Jet simulation game

Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets is a jet simulation game combining air combat. Without going too deep into the details of how to control the plane like some other flight simulation games, Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets is more about action and showing off your talent, skill of flying, and dexterity.

In this game, you can fly your favorite Jet through the air, above the blue clouds, to different real locations on the world map. In the air, you may acrobatic, tilt, decelerate, and accelerate freely to experience all the feeling of joy in the sky.

Game modes and experience

In the Online game mode, you fly Jet with many other people to take over your air territory. There are two multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch 7 vs 7 and PvE mode. You can choose any style because the feeling of flying and fighting fiercely in the sky is equally happy.

In the Tutorial mode, Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets will expose you to all the ways of controlling the plane, from simple to complex. You will practice the test and slowly improve your level. This mode also has tools to help you evaluate your targeting ability for playing in multiplayer mode later.

The single-player Campaign mode will take you to a story about a patriotic young man with excellent flying skills and a despicable traitor fleeing madly and causing unimaginable consequences. You will take turns flying through famous landmarks to perform assigned tasks. And not only sightseeing for fun, but you must also complete many difficult and dangerous assigned tasks.

Sometimes you are forced to fight and survive in massive battles with high-quality enemy airships and fighter planes. By completing the missions and upgrading the airplane in turn, you will have a better chance of defeating the enemy. Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets brings you more than 100 different types of Jets. Once you have more than one option, you can freely change the plane for different battles.

The excitement doesn’t just come from flying Jets and epic aerial battles

Along the way, you can unlock, upgrade, and customize weapons and defenses system for all your planes. The initial customization for the Jet is also quite interesting. You can choose the paint color for the plane, customize the detailed models, and the Jet badge… until you like it best.

The map system and the aerial city areas you fly through during the mission are quite rich and meticulously made to every detail. Some cities seen from the air are breathtakingly beautiful, like San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro… But remember not to neglect your duty for that beauty because anywhere around you is full of deadly pitfalls anytime. Enemy jet fighters threaten you in every nook and cranny, making air combat above the sea with lots of heavily armed battleships and SAM sites lurking somewhere in buildings or the woods. Anything, no matter how small, can bring casualties to you, a stalwart airman.

One small, interesting thing in Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets is that the game has a flexible third-person view. That means you can freely adjust your third-person view to different views, from back to front, front to back, top to down, left to right. These views can be continuously changed, giving you a clear observation of the situation without affecting your battle speed and flow.

Graphics and sound

For everything to appear real, the simulation has been meticulous. You can feel the shockwaves ranging from mild to severe when firing at an enemy, or worse, getting hit by bullets.

The image of the plane and the battles are very epic. Each type of Jet is described in detail and shown up to 360 degrees. Very eye-catching! Effects of explosion, light, fragmentation, color transition, light capture… are also well shown in these aerial battles. Comes with them are a series of detailed and attractive sound effects from the player actions, such as the explosion of weapons from the plane, the sound of the plane when hit by bullets, the howl of the wind when you accelerate the plane… If I can turn the game into a reality, this is probably the first game I want to see in real life because it is too good to play. I cannot even be restless.

Download Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets APK free for Android

In short, playing Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets is playing one of the best jet fighter games on mobile today. You not only play but also enjoy a pretty good story in Campaign mode. Do not blame me if you get addicted to this game.

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