Smash Bandits Racing v1.10.03 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Smash Bandits Racing MOD APK is always at the top of the best speed racing games worth playing on mobile. You will have speed racing, despite everything just to escape the siege of the police.

Introduce about Smash Bandits Racing

Defying everything to escape the siege of the police!

Smash Bandits Racing is considered a shortened version, both inheriting and having many outstanding points compared to the previous game, Smash Cops. In the game, you play as a criminal, driving a car over a thousand miles to escape the arrest of the police. The ultimate goal is not to let the police catch you and you do not leave any tricks to do this.

Feeling free to collide, blowing up anything that gets in the way, as long as you don’t get caught

The highlight of Smash Bandits Racing is the “broken” clashes that cause a series of violent accidents on the road, or the jumps over other cars on the road. Effects of light, sound, smoke, an explosion in each operation are full of excitement of the player to the top. Play this game and you won’t want to play other average speed racing games. Because everything in here is too lively, noisy, and bustling

Smash Bandits Racing is a hit rebel racing game. There are hardly any rules or ethical constraints for the person behind the wheel. To run away from the hunt of the police team, you are ready to do everything. It’s okay to crash into everything in front of you, even causing catastrophic accidents. At other times, it is possible to jump over a police car that is stopping in front to continue the escape. All in all, you can do a lot of crazy things in this fast racing game.

The concept of “collision” in Smash Bandits Racing is also very different. It’s not as simple as hitting a car on the road or crashing into an obstacle. But in this game, you can freely crash and break everything in your way, at each moment and corresponding to the destruction of the car at that time.

Smash Bandits Racing MOD by APKMODY


Controlling the car in Smash Bandits Racing is also quite simple: the navigation key cluster to adjust the driving direction, the main functions such as Drift, wheel rotation, and you can take advantage of support equipment to have more advantages in the game. All features are displayed intuitively on the screen, just a touch is done immediately.

Upgrading your car and performing continuous collisions on a new level

The police appear more and more crowded, almost blockade all the way, you have to make many times more effort than the original to escape. But it seems that effort is not enough, you will need a little trick when upgrading your racing car to be able to continue the uncompromising journey.

Initially, you only have a normal car in hand, then through successful police escapes, there will be more money. This money is used to continuously upgrade the car, improving many aspects from higher speed, more modern and powerful control system to the ability to violently crash and use equipment such as anti-slip tires for the car. And when you receive a great reward from the game, don’t be afraid, just bid on a supercar to satisfy your wishes like Stunner, Hot Rod, and Hummer cars, then tanks, helicopters…

Don’t forget, your opponent is Sheriff McBride and the entire police squad under his command with the most modern moving equipment of the police department. You will have a hard time facing them.

Fascinating scenes

On the vertical screen of the mobile phone, every action in the game still takes place vividly and excitedly with a sharp view from above. The game has a lot of good, beautiful, extremely high-speed cars that can also transform extremely nicely. There are many changes in shape, but each time the cars appear, they are very attractive. That’s enough to see how big the manufacturer’s investment is for this game.

The scenes in Smash Bandits Racing change constantly. Appearing on a bustling city street, then you can immediately go to the deserted suburbs, then the dusty roads appeared to drag you into a new journey. Confusion, bewilderment mixed with extreme excitement because the constantly appearing new will take you from one exciting to another.

If you do not like to play alone in the game’s situational missions, you can freely challenge your friends on Facebook and Google Plus to compete for high rankings in the rankings.

In the game, you not only find your way out from the crowd of police but also add 25 unique tracks, only on the new version, in which you have to be alone against 3 powerful AI racers. Winning these laps will give you gilded cars with great speed and power, and you can be ready to move on to the traditional Smash game mode and start to pass the police with your high-speed car.

MOD APK version of Smash Bandits Racing

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can use money even you don’t have enough.

Download Smash Bandits Racing APK & MOD for Android

Smash Bandits Racing is an extremely unique racing game, the scenes are too attractive, constantly putting you in a jam and discovering your hidden abilities. Moreover, this game also has many suffocating collisions, with terrible fire and explosion effects on the road. I’m sure you guys will enjoy this amazing game.

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