Soul of Eden OBB 1.4.700 MOD for Android

Soul of Eden OBB will introduce you to a card strategy game in the Editor’s Choices list of Google Play, a game called Soul of Eden. Before downloading the APK file and installing it on your Android device, let’s find out some interesting information about this game with me.

Introduce about Soul of Eden

The Red Witch’s fireballs dashed towards the Pulse Tank. Marine Corps appearing from behind have been paralyzed by the enemy. Colonel Triton with the nickname “lronheart” rushes forward, and then … The exciting battles in Soul of Eden are filled with action scenes like a summer blockbuster. Fight by using your cards to unleash a wide variety of weapons and spells to take down opponents.


Soul of Eden is a strategy, action game mixed with the elements of a card game. At the start of a match, you are allowed to choose 5 cards to battle with 5 cards of your opponent. Matches are played on a 1v1 format, with a maximum time of 4 minutes. The match ends when the leader of either faction is completely defeated, or one side suffers more damage by the end of time.

Soul of Eden screenshot


The bottom line of the game is that you need to understand your strengths and your opponents. Knowing the strengths, weaknesses and attacks of each unit type helps you find a suitable strategy to take advantage in battle.

Information of the four rebels in Soul of Eden

There are 4 factions in Soul of Eden. The high-tech Republican faction possesses the power of state-of-the-art armor and an arsenal of assault vehicles, tanks and cannons. The Alien are not very cute but will leave you with a strong impression of their ability to manipulate and weaken their enemies. With the ability to heal and increase strength, the mighty, wild Beast is the side that no opponents who dare to stop.

In the end, the Empire faction had all kinds of magic at hand, such as turning the enemy into the lovable Doramorph. Choose a side for each battle. Each faction has its own cards and skills. Therefore, you need to know the five strengths and weaknesses of each faction to understand yourself and the enemy.

Use smart strategy to defeat the enemy

However, playing strategically is a slogan that easy to say but difficult to do. Not only do you master the speed and position of the different cards, but you also have to consider the route of attack. For example, if the Rocketeer contains 2 soldiers, you can set up a battle on either side or choose to put firepower on the front line.

Some cards have special powers. For example, the Empire faction’s Macer cards can heal whenever an ally goes to battle. You also need to focus on cards with active skills like the Bern Sisters of the Mutant faction because you need to click on these cards at the right time to activate their skills and stun their enemy units.

The Republic faction has an active skill card, allowing you to drop a torrent of bullets from the air, wiping out all enemies in a row. Remember, the energy to use these cards is huge, you should only use it for really urgent situations, or when your opponent is concentrating large numbers of units in a row.

Unlock and upgrade cards

Depending on which side you choose, you will receive a reward that includes the corresponding card packs. It is estimated that there are more than 30 types of cards per faction. The publisher also always updates new cards in every new update and makes some modifications if one card is too powerful compared to the other cards. Do not worry. In Soul of Eden, there is no “pay to win”, you need to use your tactics and experience to defeat your opponent.

If you open too many cards in one type, such as you have 10 Marine Corps cards, you can upgrade this card to a higher level. Its strength and defense stats will be improved, giving your card more effective in battle.


Unlike strategy games of the same genre, Soul of Eden builds the arena like a hockey field. Rayark design the units is really impressive. They come in a variety of colors with a cute appearance, although this is a war-themed game. Besides, the card-opening interface is also extremely eye-catching. Instead of flipping cards, as usual, you will cut a paper package containing the cards inside, the cards will gradually show up with eye-catching lighting effects.

Download Soul of Eden APK for Android

On the constantly changing battlefield of Soul of Eden, you need to have comprehensive tactics and timely action, or always think and react quickly. Are you ready to join this arena?

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