Spirit Sprint 1.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Unlock adorable animals in Spirit Sprint MOD APK (Unlimited Coins). Are you ready for an adventure through old forests, abandoned meadows and flooded old temples?

Introduce about Spirit Sprint

Delta Reality, the developer of Spirit Sprint, is not very prominent on Google Play. They have only released two titles, and the theme of this article is their latest game. The game is highly appreciated for its unique gameplay, eye-catching images and popular subjects. If you are an animal lover, you cannot ignore this game.


Forests are being ravaged by humans. The habitat of wildlife is gradually narrowed by deforestation projects. Not stopping there, mankind continues to hunt for rare animals. You will accompany the animals on a journey to the South, the safest place in the jungle.


When it comes to an endless running game, there are very few games that can compete with games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run or Jetpack Joyride. Spirit Sprint approaches players with a combination of all of the above games, in a completely different way.

You control the animals moving from left to right in a 2D environment, avoiding obstacles and setting your record. Your journey is not easy, because there are many obstacles, traps and hunters want to take your life. Avoid the obstacles with your dexterity. Just a little distraction, you can pay the price by the whole journey.

Your journey is not really without purpose. Every time you complete the mission, you will level up and unlock new challenges. The task is not too hard. It could be completing 500m, collecting 200 diamonds or double-jump 10 times. Besides, increasing levels will open up new animals and more interesting journeys.

How to control the three animals

After completing a stage, you will meet a portal that allows you to continue the journey in the body of another animal. Overall, Spirit Sprint’s gameplay is divided into three parts, including ground, underwater and air. Here are details on how to control on each part:

  • On the ground: When running on the ground, you will play the familiar animals such as foxes, weasels, squirrels, wolves, … How to play similar to Sonic games. Your animal automatically runs forward, you need to touch the screen so it jumps up to avoid obstacles. If you want to jump higher, double-tap to perform a double jump.
  • Underwater: Turns into a tiny fish in a river. Now the game seems to resemble Jetpack Joyride. Release your hand to float, touch and hold your screen to dive.
  • In the air: Continue your journey with a bird. Touch to let the bird fly higher, release the hand to let the bird fall down. Do you find it similar to Angry Birds?

Now, you understand why I say that Spirit Sprint has a gameplay that is synthesized from famous endless running games.

What does power-up do?

On the journey, you will encounter power-ups, which help you become immortal and receive many benefits over a period of time.

  • Boar: On the ground, you turn into a boar and can knock away all obstacles. Besides, you can break the gem pillars to get lots of coins.
  • Hammer shark: Underwater, you turn into a hammer shark. You also have the ability to knock every obstacle.
  • Bats: Become immortal in the air. Increases the chance of appearing special coins.

Besides, you can upgrade to increase the time and rate of special coin appearance in the Store, Power-Up.

Unlock funny animals

Your journey becomes more interesting with a variety of funny animals. Do you want to be a fox, deer or panda? Use the coins you collect to unlock and choose the three types of animals you love. Have you ever seen a Corgi running in the forest? Complete level 5 and unlock it.


In terms of graphics, Spirit Sprint has sharp 2D graphics with dark colors, good for your eyes. Join the journey with stunning visuals and vibrant sounds. Besides, you can also unlock some moving effects on animals. The environment and context are also constantly changing to keep you from getting bored.

Although the visual experience of the game was quite perfect, I still had some color issues of the arrows. The arrow flies over an area with a black background, which is quite similar to the color of a coin, sometimes I find it a little difficult to observe.

I use the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro device to experience this game, and it can heat up pretty quickly when I set the best graphics. I hope the publisher will fix this problem soon.

MOD APK version of Spirit Sprint

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins: With the available coins of the MOD version, you can unlock favorite animals and upgrade power-ups in the store.

Download Spirit Sprint MOD APK for Android

Not just a game, Spirit Sprint gives players a message about the life of wildlife in the wild, they are in danger by overexploitation of mankind. All animals in Spirit Sprint are in need of you to take them to a safe place. Start your journey today by downloading the game via the link below.

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