Unduh Spooky Squashers APK + MOD v1.0.3 (Unlocked All)

Spooky Squashers MOD APK (Unlocked) is a quirky but also very unique, fun arcade game that you can find on Google Play. A game is suitable for you to play on Halloween.

Introduce about Spooky Squashers

Have you ever imagined how a tennis player destroy the devil? No need to imagine anymore, because Spooky Squashers gives you a very clear answer. This exciting arcade game was just released by Raviv Elon, right on Halloween this year. Although the game is about tennis sport, its content is completely different.

The story of Spooky Squashers

The chef of the cemetery always wants to find his best ingredients to serve the devil and soul. One day, a pumpkin guy is imprisoned in the spooky castle, where he is about to turn into a scrumptious pumpkin soup. You must help him fight the devil and the evil chef, find his way from the ghost castle.


The player accompanies a pumpkin in the battle with the devil. With the weapon being a tennis racket, you will defeat demons by hitting tennis balls at them. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? The gameplay is also very simple. Touch and hold your finger on the screen to help the character move. That all.

Spooky Squashers for Android


Regarding the rules of the game, you are taken to a closed room with four surrounding walls. You start the game by hitting a tennis ball in the middle of the room, it will bounce back according to the physical rules every time it collides with walls or ghosts. Perhaps you are familiar with this rule in the game BBTAN by 111%. If after three bounces, the ball does not collide with a ghost or you can’t hit it, it disappears.

Remember an important thing, you have a limited number of tennis balls. Each level only gives you a certain number of balls, and it is your number of lives. Your character cannot die, but if you use up all the tennis balls but don’t defeat all the ghosts, your game is over. The key to playing well Spooky Squashers is that you need to move skillfully, weave between ghosts, and hit the ball so that it continuously defeats ghosts, helping the ball to last as long as possible.

You can safely move through white ghosts. But be careful with the black ghosts, they can cause you to lose half of the ball. The boss is the same. A giant chef ghost appears at the end of the level, he can attack you with a kitchen knife. You also lose half of the ball each time he gets attacked.

Pick up some items to increase strength

Spooky Squashers gives you some help at each level, helping you overcome the challenges more easily. Use items that help turn your ball into a bowling ball and rockets, with much greater power. Bowling balls can bounce more, and rockets can blow enemies on the field.

Unlock weapons through the game progression

To make the game more fun, Spooky Squashers offers you a weapon unlocking system. However, they only change in terms of visuals and effects, not give you power or change in terms of gameplay. There are many weapons to replace the default tennis racket such as hammers, shovels, baseball bat, … After completing the first level, I open the chest and get the cheering trumpet. It kept making funny noises every time it hit the ball.

Besides, the game also has no currency system. You play to increase the process of unlocking chest.


Spooky Squashers is developed with classic 2D graphics. You will feel the design of this game is similar to Pacman, one of the legendary arcade games. Although the game has the theme of ghosts, it does not seem scary, on the contrary, it is cute and fun. Thanks to that, this game is suitable for all ages, including children.

MOD APK version of Spooky Squashers

MOD feature

  • Unlocked Weapons
  • Unlocked Levels

Download Spooky Squashers MOD APK for Android

A simple, interesting and extremely addictive game. Spooky Squashers also divides the difficulty level into three levels, each with a leaderboard connected to Google Play, helping you compete with your friends. If you are looking for a game to kill the time, Spooky Squashers is really a perfect choice.

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