Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD 2.99 (Unlimited Money)

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Have you ever experienced a super speed alien monster shooting game with a super weapon yet? If not, play an arcade game called Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD MOD APK (from the publisher Freyr Games). I believe you will be addicted to it.

Introduce about Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD

Fight Aliens with warriors with superweapons


Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD is a 3D shooting game with exciting gameplay. You play as a member of a fleet of warriors to protect the peace of the Earth. You are equipped with a lot of advanced equipment and weapons. On the outside, you look like a brave robot guy. The mission is to destroy all enemies who are trying to invade the Earth.

What’s special about Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD?

The scenery in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD is not too special. But the main attraction is the movement of the main character and the aliens. Very smooth and flexible. The game automatically switches between multiple shooting angles with a third-person view, thereby always giving you the feeling of mastering the battlefield. Because the correlation of forces is so unbalanced (we only have one warrior while the enemy is innumerable), the inclusion of many weapons, equipment, options, combinations, and upgrades will help you enter the game with quite an advantage.

The greatest weapon ever

Come to this game, the first thing people say to each other must be about the rich, powerful, and freely upgradeable weapon system. You can choose whatever you want as long as it’s available in the warehouse.

To do your role well, you don’t just sit around and shoot as the enemy’s army does not pull in like ants waiting for you to destroy. But you must also explore the situation around, search the nooks and crannies of the area, and face many terrible alien monsters.

Later, the number of monsters will increase more and more. They can be a very strong monster that doesn’t die when you shoot it much or a giant one or the one who jumps very fast. And sometimes, you will have to face a horde of violent aliens at the same time. They will be baring their sharp teeth and lunging at you at the speed of an arrow.

So, the situation is very challenging. To fight alone with these terrible aliens, you also need to be equipped with many equally terrible things (weapons) to hope to survive. When playing single, you will have to overcome 42 missions in 7 large maps. The loot, once obtained, can be used in solo and multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer mode with the same 7 maps

Speaking of co-op shooting mode, this is also an alien monster shooting game always at the top on mobile. You’ll take part in high-quality battles with up to 3 players per team, with an armor and bag system specially designed for this kind of team battle.

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD brings a total of 36 superweapons for the main character. Each type has up to 8 different levels to upgrade. Included are 9 outfits, each with different special attributes. In addition, our warrior also gets 18 types of military bags with specialized functions that are so useful for intense battles. New levels and weapons are only unlocked when you complete tasks that the game offers.

It doesn’t stop there. You can also use a combination of many different weapons and items at the same time at will without having to follow any rules. As long as you feel good and you can shoot faster, your combination is okay.

Graphics and sound

Honestly, just watching the aliens appear one after another is enough to get goosebumps. It reminds me of the Alien vs. Predator series and even Prometheus. Do you remember the monster that the actress accidentally carried in her belly? When she slit her stomach and pulled it out, it was nothing compared to when the monster grew up like crazy and transformed into a real alien. The design of the monsters in this game is like that. Looking at the crooked and waving claws is enough for you to shake. I realized that’s why my brother had reminded me, “Spirit of steel, boy” when introducing this game to me. After playing, I understood why he said that.

The weapons and equipment are also extremely magical. Every time the weapon selection screen appears I get all excited. You can see how each weapon looks when in hand, from gun to light sword, laser gun. X-mas “tree”, energy gloves… Each item has its own shape that is rough and very detailed. You can let the warrior hold it, try it and rotate 360 ​​degrees before deciding to choose it. Every time I come to this weapon selection, I feel like I am truly rewarded.

The sound is also a small gift to the player. From the sharp gunfire to the loud footsteps of the warrior, the howls of the aliens when they are hit by the bullets, the lively background music… Everything creates a very fierce and thrilling battlespace.

MOD APK version of Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD MOD APK for Android

The alien shooting game is too good. The weapons are numerous, the equipment is immense, and they are also free to switch and combine. The alien’s lineup is terrible, diverse, and really creepy. The game also has smooth motion, realistic visual and sound effects. Honestly, I don’t see any reason not to play Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD.

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