Stormblades 1.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Stormblades MOD APK resets the definition of action role-playing games. You will soon be able to test this through its gameplay. Moreover, you can download the MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version at our website for a better experience!

Introduce about Stormblades

Subway Surfers is one of the most famous games of Kilo. It was well-received by billions of players around the world. However, this developer also proves to everyone that the reputation they gained today not only thanks to that auto-runner game, but they also have other games that also bring an interesting experience. Stormblades is a demonstration, a product of the action category with fresh gameplay and thrilling storylines. Are you ready to explore?


Stormblades has a cross-century story of an adventurous journey where warriors try to pursue their mission. This old forest contains treasures and legendary Keepers. Any warrior who can defeat these Keepers and end the adventure journey at the end of the ancient ruins, he will be recognized for completing the ritual and writing his history. Take your sword and begin your journey now!


In Stormblades, the journey to find the treasure is divided into several stages, corresponding to the levels that you need to pass. Each level has lots of Keepers. They are monster warriors, arranged to prevent those who are trying to penetrate deep inside the ruins to search for treasures. This is the time to prove your strength and worth. When the character rushes through rocks or narrow streams, he will be blocked in the face of a Keepers. By swiping left, right, up, down or diagonal, you launch slashes at the opponent to knock him down.

However, that is not easy. You’re just a normal human being, he’s a thousand-year-old warrior. He possesses big armor and huge weapons. Therefore, the key point of this action game is that you need to block those slashes while breaking the armor to cause damage to the monsters. This is done quite easily, you just need to make a slash opposite the opponent to prevent the attack.

Sometimes, if you can’t respond to those attacks, you can double-tap to backwards. This is really effective, because it both helps to evade, and gives you more time to prepare for the next attack.

Upgrade your weapons

A warrior can’t lack his sword. Weapons that deal damage and bring special skills to the character. The higher the weapon’s level, the stronger and more clearly these are shown. For example, Brutal Longblade when level 3, it allows my character to create a combo slashing combo on the opponent and not give him a chance to counterattack. At the end of that combo was a stab with great damage, causing the opponent to be stunned and can’t stand up. Thanks to that, I was able to continue attacking him many more times. Of course, this ability can become even stronger if you upgrade more, and the damage for each slash is also improved.


About graphics, Stormblades has impressive 3D graphics when compared to a mobile game. The environment and environment are subtly colors to suit the surrounding scenery, highlighting the ancient and mysterious of each tomb or castle wall through which the character passes. Viewing angles and graphics make you feel like you are participating in a real battle.

Music creates stimulation and rush. When you move through obstacles or collide with any object, you will hear the sound. When you fight monsters, you hear their screams, sometimes the pain of being hurt and the sound of weapons clashing. Intense but extremely realistic, you will love it soon.

MOD APK version of Stormblades

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: A lot of money in Stormblades MOD APK version, you can use it to unlock swords and upgrade them to increase strength. As each sword’s ability increases, new skills are unlocked. As a result, you can deal huge amounts of damage to enemies.

Download Stormblades MOD APK for Android

Are you ready to participate in the ceremony of the warriors, fight the legendary Keepers and gain treasure? The other warriors are ready to print their names on history. You should also get started today by downloading the game via the links below.

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