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Sandbox MOD APK is the trend of the times. You can create a whole new game world in which you can create everything from the scenery, the weapons, the enemy, etc. On mobile, there is a cool sandbox game that you must try: Super MoonBox 2.

Introduce about Super MoonBox 2

Create your own world!

Super MoonBox 2 is a sandbox game in which you can create everything you want. The setting is a post-apocalyptic world, as the survivors are trying to create their shelter and must constantly deal with a series of zombies invading from the outside world. The game is an endless battle between two tasks: building, developing settlements, and fighting zombies.


The focus of a sandbox game is on the crafting part. And to create everything, you will need a series of functional buttons. The layout of the Super MoonBox 2 screen, in my opinion, is quite intuitive and neat. You just need to touch to create what you want. There are many categories on the left-hand side of the screen: create people, create zombies, create weapons, items, create cars. Below the screen are the controls. Touch the objects/characters to control and then touch the corresponding button and you’re done. At the top of the screen is the day and night condition of the scene, note that in the evening the zombies will rise.

Super MoonBox 2 is a typical sandbox game. If you are still confused about what a sandbox is, just playing this game, you will understand it thoroughly. In Super MoonBox 2, you can create almost anything yourself: your side, the enemy side (zombie), weapons, items, vehicles. About characters: you will have a lot of character groups according to occupation. Each group of occupations has its effects and abilities. Once created, use the correct function, or else it will be difficult to fight the enemy or complete the desired task. For example, if you want to build a house, you must create builders.

The same goes for zombies. The outside world has been ravaged by the pandemic, everyone has turned into a zombie. And each zombie, therefore, also has its own ability, attack power. Some of them move fast, some are extremely powerful, and others have a tall, muscular body that is scary. Others are not even zombies. They can be monsters of the deep forest, eager to take over settlements and attack humans whenever possible. How much you want to try yourself, how hard you want to make yourself, just create the corresponding number and type of zombies.

Weapon creation is another exciting part. You can build workshops, smiths, high-tech manufacturing areas to make your weapons from simple to complex to fight zombies such as knives, hammers, guns, bows, and arrows… In short, you can create whatever you want. This is the time to make the most of your inherent abilities and strengths.

In Super MoonBox 2, even small and large items, you can create your own, depending on your needs: the number of trees around, armor, buildings, fortresses, sparks, obstacles, fences, signs, etc. Moreover, you can freely create means of transportation for the character to facilitate traveling on the map campus, working, and fighting zombies.

Freedom and creativity

A typical sandbox game, Super MoonBox 2 is all about freedom and creativity. You are free to roam the open grounds and do whatever you want like create NPCs, create enemies, zombie monsters, and many other weapon items. And in Super MoonBox 2 everything has so much depth that when needed, you can control each character by yourself like a basic RPG. Each NPC just needs to touch to be able to fighting. Even with a simple and concise control mechanism like this, you can control many different NPCs at the same time. It will come into play when you want to surround and attack strong zombies.

The world of full freedom in Super MoonBox 2 isn’t just a place for you to create things yourself. But better than that, you can put yourself in the position of the creator, you can set your principles and tasks and play a game you made yourself, no matter how weird your world is. For example, you can create a world full of zombies, and people only sporadically appear, and then watch how the zombies rush to tear those poor people. Or if you just want to focus on building the base, don’t want to be bothered by the enemy, you can create a lot of groups of mason soldiers with different levels and continuously build buildings and structures.

There are no rules or constraints in Super MoonBox 2. You are the one who sets the rules and plays your way.

Very important head guide

Before playing Super MoonBox 2, you need to carefully read the detailed instructions with each item on the screen. A detailed player guide is how Super MoonBox 2 leads you deep into the inner free world. Just touch each icon on the screen, pause for a moment to quickly read the corresponding instructions, you can understand what you can do with this function button.

Play speed and automation mechanics

The playing speed of Super MoonBox 2 is not too fast, but everything in the game will happen in a fairly fast time. You can see that the day-night cycle is almost in constant flux. And in each of those times, you will need to change the way NPCs and enemies act. During the day, NPCs will focus on fighting to create a powerful base, enjoying exciting construction activities. And at night, when monsters and zombies rise, you will have to stretch your eyes to see and fight the enemy in the dark.

Super MoonBox 2 also has a mechanism for automating characters. I find this function very impressive, especially for those who are new to sandbox-like me. The freedom that Super MoonBox 2 haves is also good, but also makes players can be confused sometimes. At this point, the fact that the characters can move freely, do some basic tasks will make players less pressured and focus on thinking about many other interesting things.

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Super MoonBox 2 takes players to countless worlds, each player will create their world and immerse themselves in the construction and fighting zombies in it. If you want to understand the sandbox and experience it at its most typical level, you should play Super MoonBox 2 before playing other complicated sandbox games.

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