Survival Island: EVO raft APK + MOD v3,257 (Unlimited Money)

Survival Island: EVO raft MOD APK, released by Not Found Games, is a survival adventure game on a deserted island with nice 3D graphics. If you are a fan of survival games, you will want to play this game right after reading this review.

Introduce about Survival Island: EVO raft

Survive on a deserted island and hundreds of great secrets await!

It would be more correct to call this a cluster of islands. Survival Island: EVO raft not only stops at island survival but also expands into an adventure to explore many surrounding islands. It transforms from one challenge to another one, drawing players into the character’s endless journey of survival.


Unlike other desert island survival games which usually start with classic situations of plane crashes, shipwrecks, etc. Survival Island: EVO raft chooses an interesting opening with a long story behind it.

The context is a very distant future. Humans arrogantly defied nature when they thought that they could completely master everything. They were so arrogant that they were not afraid of any species, seeing all as slaves for the purpose of dominating their own blue planet. And there were no backup plans for the so-called Doomsday. People have forgotten the horrifying scenarios that they thought of years ago. They thought everything was under their control.

One day, suddenly, a global flood came, engulfing everything in a toxic mist. The atmosphere was like a toxic veil covering all of humanity. And in that terrifying atmosphere, the Earth was slowly self-destructing. How can humans avoid extinction?

Fortunately, scientists, in their last efforts, have found a possibility to save the situation. The task was to successfully prepare a special emulsion obtained from the rarest metal on Earth called Pridium. The Earth Conservation Commission quickly established a Task Force to explore new lands on the surface of the earth where there was a potential for finding Pridium.

Millions of people have volunteered to participate in that widespread campaign. You also were one of them. Everyone was planning to depart together for these new lands on giant ships and battleships.

In misfortune, there is an even greater risk. A terrible accident happened to the ship for an unknown reason. You woke up on a deserted island with no people, no comrades nearby, no water, no food, no clothes, no shelter, or any self-defense weapon in hand. Your mind was half-awake, your limbs were tired. The fear was growing and invading you. And tons of unanswered questions were swirling around in your mind.

But first, you were still aware that you must survive first. You knew that if you wanted to find your way home and continue your journey with your teammates to save the planet, you had to live.

The struggle for survival started from that moment.

Corresponding with the story of layers of incidents, many constant mysteries like this, do you think it is easy to survive on a deserted island? Well, of course, it’s not that simple. It’s a physical and mental battle, it’s an inner torment, it’s a fight for life in every millimeter.


To start your journey to survival, you will have to do everything yourself. As this place is just an uninhabited island, there aren’t any means dedicated to human existence.

Not only that, but this place is also a paradise for wild animals, unstable weather, and hundreds of other threats. Before these things come one after another, you must try to survive by different jobs, and be busy throughout the day:

  • To defend yourself, you have to create rudimentary weapons such as bows, arrows, spears… and some tools, axes, knives, scissors…
  • To be safer and have a place to stay at night, you use the tools you just made to start cutting down trees, finding leaves to build houses.
  • In order not to starve to death, you will have to use homemade weapons to hunt wild animals
  • In order not to freeze, you need to make your own clothes by hand

And along the way, don’t forget to look for useful resources. Maybe you don’t need them right now, but in the future, soon, they will become extremely beneficial.

The island is not only compact in view but actually stretches out. There are high mountains, rivers and streams, huge forests, and ancient animals that you have thought become extinct. It’s also thanks to these horrible beasts that you suddenly realize that there must be something underneath this island, a secret that has raised these ferocious beasts and made everything here different. And from there, the story at the beginning of the game continues through adventures to different islands around this strange place.

The deeper you go into the story, the longer you survive, the more your fighting/building/crafting skills develop. You are no longer in the passive position. You are more proactive in everything. For example, instead of just running away from wild animals, hunting small animals to eat through the day, at some point, you can find a way to capture and tame some animals on the island such as elephants, lions, wolves. Turn them into your friends to help with the survival here. Each animal is a different attribute and habit, this taming is exciting but also challenging.

MOD APK version of Survival Island: EVO raft

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Survival Island: EVO raft APK & MOD for Android

The game is a survival simulation game with 3D graphics and a unique storyline. The battle for survival later expands into a string of dreams to help the character discover the big secret behind this deserted island. If you haven’t played it yet, click the download link right away. The game is worth every second.

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