Tales Rush MOD APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Money/Energy)

Developed by Potting Mob, Tales Rush! has made a breakthrough in the role-playing game genre thanks to beautiful graphic design and diverse gameplay. Coming to this game, players will accompany their friends to form a team and participate in fierce battles with the dark side.

Introduce about Tales Rush!

Fairy tales have become an integral part of everyone’s childhood. Surely among us all want to be transformed into the main characters in fairy tales, become a beautiful princess or brave heroes. Come to Tales Rush!, you will not only realize that dream but also write your own fairy tale. You have the opportunity to meet familiar characters like Alice, Tinker Bell or the ninja, Alibaba, gather them into a team and participate in fascinating adventures. The beautiful kingdom is being invaded by monsters and your only task is to fight to bring peace back to your kingdom. Are you ready to face crazy challenges, bloody curses and thousands of difficulties?

Maybe you don’t know! Tales Rush! has similar gameplay to Archero.


As a mobile game, Tale Rush! has quite simple controls. Players only need to use the joystick to touch and swipe, release their fingers to control their character. Controls are not complicated and the player is free to move and act. The important thing is that you need to find tactics to defeat your opponents as quickly as possible.

Tales Rush gameplay



Tale Rush! offers players a large number of levels with different challenges. In each level, players need to win two consecutive battles to move to a new level. The higher the level, the harder it is for the monsters to be defeated, and they also have more numbers. To some “special” levels, players will have to confront the bosses. They are stronger, more powerful, and more agile so it will be a great challenge. However, do not worry because before it appears, players will be warned in advance by special symbols.

In addition to fighting monsters, Tale Rush! increases the challenge by adding mazes or obstacles that make your movement and combat become more difficult. The key to the victory is that players need a smart strategy for each move to attack and defend in the most perfect way.

Rewards and items

Passing each level the player will receive cards that help strengthen the character in the next levels. Some typical cards that can be received are Flexible – making the player more flexible, Attack Speed Boost – increasing the speed for attacks, HP Boost – helping to increase the character’s vitality. In particular, some “rare” cards like Soul Absorption can help the character absorb the power of defeated enemies to increase strength or Potential points (to control the minds of monsters for a period of time). Do not forget to collect the gold coins falling from the monsters when you kill them. The stronger the monster the more gold drop when defeated.


Throughout the story, you will meet a lot of characters with many different stories and different unique abilities. Initially, you will have the choice to use Alice – a magical girl with a giant sword or Alibaba – a ninja with the ability to use the darts. Overcoming many levels, the player is also unlocked many other unique hero characters. With the huge number of levels and the appearance of the monsters are not repeated, many people will think that they are designed more sketchy and more symbolic. But the exact opposite, they are meticulously designed from shape to skill and attack effect. All efforts from the developer are directed to one purpose is to bring players the most compelling experience.

Download Tales Rush! APK for Android

Tale Rush! is a great action role-playing game with exciting battles. If you are wondering what game to choose to kill your free time, do not miss this great game. Please download this game via the links below.

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