Tesla Force v1.04 APK (Full Game) for Android

Tesla Force APK is hailed as a jewel in the shooter game genre. It’s not only because of the fancy gameplay with a top-down perspective that few dare to use but also because the combination is so smooth with the roguelike genre that everyone knows is very difficult and inhibiting.

Introduce about Tesla Force

Save the world from an invasion of cosmic horrors!

Impressive debut

Although the game was only released late last year, it has created an extremely impressive attraction. It’s not by chance that this game has such a great impression. Tesla Force is a roguelike shooter with an exciting story and amazing gameplay. Your task in this game is to team up with 4 characters to fight together, destroy alien monsters with skillful shooting scenes.


Tesla Force is based on fictional events revolving around the character Nikola Tesla and his 3 companions, physicist Marie Curie, novelist Mary Shelley, and writer HP Lovecraft. The quartet will unite, unleashing the bombardment power of their invincible super-weapons to annihilate the shapeless tentacle-monster enemies from another dimension. They are trying to destroy humanity, take over the green planet. Only victory over this dangerous army can save the world and survival.

Shooting with a special perspective

Usually with shooters, the most common is still the first-person perspective (from the gunman’s hand) or the third-person perspective from the back to the front. That perspectives can show off the grandeur of the weapon set, the character’s bravery as well as cover the field of view on the battlefield. But Tesla Force boldly chose a top-down view from the top to show all developments. In my opinion, this is a rather risky move. If it doesn’t do well, it’s easy to be fragmented and disjointed. The player’s emotions can also be affected because they do not have the opportunity to see the details, from weapons to the heroic appearance of the character.

But the manufacturers choose top-down for a reason. This perspective will help you be more flexible in moving and comfortable shooting some monsters hiding somewhere far away on a corner of the screen. Besides, the weapons in Tesla Force are not ordinary, but heavy guns that emit intense beams of light, capable of destroying an entire area. Such a strong light beam can only be seen from above to fully enjoy its beauty.

A shooter game rich in roguelike “flavor”

The plot sounds simple. But when playing, Tesla Force appears to be a difficult game to play even if you are a hardcore gamer. It has all the identities of a roguelike game. The map appears randomly with no duplicates, the character always has many upgrade options when winning, and the enemies are constantly changing. This gameplay will make you constantly confused when playing.

There’s also a little bit of role-playing in this game when you realize each character has their strengths and weaknesses. For example, the male lead Tesla who can control mech but doesn’t have many heavy guns, Marie Curie can use dual weapons but has a limited defense. The interesting thing is that these HP attributes are completely based on the real-life personalities of these cult historical figures. An opening like that can almost immediately touch the heart of any science-loving and fantasy-minded player.

Initially, you only play with two characters Tesla and Marie Curie. But later in the game, the more you fight, the more experience points you accumulate, which will in turn unlock the remaining two characters to continue to the adventure.

The entire game is divided into several stories. Each story consists of many stages, each stage has several different battles. The time for each match is only a few minutes. So the general secret is still to win quickly. You have to at the same time collect resources, defend and deploy different heavy weapons to destroy enemies. You have to complete that three missions if you want to pass the scene and return to your team.

With each victory obtained, you will get many new resources, especially, weapons that are also upgraded to be stronger and have greater destructive power. The stronger the enemy, the better the reward. Sometimes there are both unique perks and valuable temporary power-ups. They can help you clear your enemies and end the battle in no time.

Graphics and sound

As a roguelike dungeon shooter, Tesla Force is not gloomy or feels heavy. On the contrary, the youthful shape, fresh colors, simple layout, and many funny details make the game very exciting.

How to install Tesla Force APK?

  1. You need to download all the APK file, OBB file and DATA via the link below the article.
  2. Extract the DATA (ZIP) file, copy the folder “com.the10tons.teslaforce” under the path “Android/data”.
  3. Extract the OBB (ZIP) file, copy the folder “com.the10tons.teslaforce” under the path “Android/obb”.
  4. Install the APK file and enjoy.

Note, if you install missing either DATA or OBB files, the game will crash.

Download Tesla Force APK free for Android

Tesla Force is a game very worth playing. Forget everything you know about shooters, guns in this game are simply cannons, so just by hand, you can enjoy the frenzy that the manufacturer gently put into this. And the most attractive is still the infinite magic shooting phase of your hero team. The guns were fired continuously over thousands of miles, accompanied by a series of horrifying sounds.

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