The Academy: The First Riddle MOD APK + OBB v0.7826 (Unlocked)

The Hogwarts version? Not really. However, there are some dark and mysterious elements as well. The Academy: The First Riddle MOD APK builds an interesting but strange story to serve as a background for the puzzle game genre. In my opinion, this is an astute choice of the Snapbreak publisher.

Introduce about The Academy: The First Riddle

The mystery behind the glorious academy!

The story

The Academy: The First Riddle is a story about the famous Arbor Academy, an elite school that accepts only the best students. This has always been a place of glory, but only few people know that there are many other mysteries behind it. Step into the shoes of Sam, a freshman who will soon discover that both greatness and dread are to be found in the ancient halls of the school.

You will go through fascinating adventures with Sam on your own, solving two hundred mysterious and unique puzzles to find the answers and the underlying cause of the dark mystery here.

Seems like Harry Potter content, but going into it, there are many special things

To put it bluntly, it seems that The Academy: The First Riddle also makes no secret of relying on the masterpiece Harry Potter as inspiration. Clumsy freshmen, accidental events, a dark secret that engulfs the academy, puzzles hidden in every corner of the school, a conspiracy are all more terrible than anyone can imagine. As you can imagine, even the game has the word “Riddle” sounding familiar like the name of the guy everybody knows in school…

To be honest, The Academy: The First Riddle has a lot of interesting points on its own. The first big difference is that instead of a magical academy world, The Academy: The First Riddle is a world of modern technology and a series of mysterious puzzles related to academia.

Playing this game, you will have to solve puzzles encountered on the road in the role of a student Sam. You also must interact with a lot of NPC characters. Most of the talking topics revolved around regular learning, from archeology to industrial machinery or homework, exams, and stuff. Somewhat in these conversations, there are some useful hints for solving puzzles later, so you should also watch carefully not to miss any important information.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you play this game. Every time you solve a puzzle, you both unlock a part of the mystery, and get an extra bonus. But if you do it wrong, there’s nothing to lose. Money here has the effect of measuring the player’s progress, not using it as a clear “reward and penalty” tool. Just relax!

There’s something moving in this game. It’s magical objects. They are exactly ancient objects made by the founder of the school. These items have different effects such as being able to summon a magic bear to release a malicious virus all over the school… And whenever you find these troublesome artefacts, you always have to re-shell them to wrap it up in order to prevent others from messing around by stitching 3D shapes together.

Graphics and sound

The Academy: The First Riddle uses classic cartoon-style graphics. Although there are a lot of dialogues and interaction between the characters, there is no voice acting. The puzzles themselves are also completely static with no moving effects. That’s why for some players of the fighting system, this puzzle game may seem a bit boring. But if you think about its small capacity along with the great value of more than 200 puzzles and unique stories that you are about to experience, I think this is a great game. It’s worth playing immediately and immediately.

The quality of the puzzles, the core of the game

With a puzzle game, the number of questions, topics and the variety of the puzzle are factors that determine the level of interest. In The Academy: The First Riddle, puzzles are diverse, spanning a lot of topics from math, physics, geography to biology. Each puzzle is invested in detail, meticulous. Especially, it’s very logically related to the plot of the story. You will always have fun playing this high-quality puzzle game.

MOD APK version of The Academy: The First Riddle

MOD feature

Unlocked All Chapters

Download The Academy: The First Riddle MOD APK for Android

This puzzle game is not easy to play but the story and the excitement you get after overcoming it all is extremely worth it. Anyone who has a hobby of tinkering and solving puzzles with patience should play The Academy: The First Riddle. That’s interesting!

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