The Arcade Rabbit v1.2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Bombs)

You face difficulties when dealing with a large number of monsters? The Arcade Rabbit MOD APK (Unlimited Bombs) will help you to solve them quickly.

Introduce about The Arcade Rabbit

The story

The Arcade Rabbit tells about a rabbit’s journey to find treasure. His entire family is under a curse when he accidentally discovers a secret buried for thousands of years in ancient computers. According to the legend, he must find the dungeon’s treasure in order to break this curse. But can he return safely, because so many dangers are waiting ahead? Please help him!


Rabbit, the main protagonist, once attended a professional training course. He has the ability to fight independently, so he can use some basic combat skills. You can test these skills by pressing the corresponding virtual key on the right corner of the screen.

The Rabbit’s goal is to find treasure. He will have to go through many difficulties, defeat the monsters that keep the dungeon to be able to move to the new area. The Arcade Rabbit has a rather loose plot. Its gameplay is simple, mainly in the scenes of slash down opponents, with the sword provided by the game by default. However, Rabbit can also learn a few new skills, to supplement its strength and ability in confrontations with stronger enemies.

Challenges in The Arcade Rabbit are connected. You will have to go through each area, destroy all enemies to unlock the gate to the new area. In the process, the difficulties keep increasing, but the system also provides some support items for you to afford to fight and win.

Your treasure hunt journey has just begun

The Arcade Rabbit is one of the most unique and challenging Roguelike games I’ve ever experienced. Despite a simple storyline, the dungeons and challenges are designed in great detail. It is estimated that there are more than 200 randomly generated dungeons. Players will, in turn, be discovered and confronted with monsters hidden in it.

Rabbit’s quest for treasure has just begun. How far can he go, can he erase the curse and return home safely?

Develop your character

When faced with a series of new challenges and stronger enemies, your character needs to evolve in order to survive. The characters in The Arcade Rabbit are designed with a system of attributes and equipment. Although they are quite simple, they reflect on his abilities in the fight.

There are eight characters in total. They are categorized and rated according to the number of stars (from one to five stars). As his star count gets higher, his health, strength, aggression, and movement speed stats are pushed higher. Thanks to that, you will destroy a monster more quickly. However, the default character’s number of stars is only level one or two. You need to upgrade them to help them evolve to a greater threshold of strength.

In addition, you also need to develop wiser control and tactic. Try to dodge the enemy’s attacks, because the character has not really much HP.

Collect more than 200 types of items

Weapons are the first thing you need to pay attention to in a hack and slash action game. There are three weapons in this game, including the Great Sword, Sword and Staff. They offer unique abilities, and you can use them for each battle of a different nature.

Sword is quite light. Therefore, you can attack enemies with very fast speed and easily create critical combos. The Great Sword is bigger and heavier. But because of that, its damage power is also greater and can be used as a shield against enemy attacks. Staff also has the ability to expand the range of attacks, impacting enemies from a further position.

Don’t forget the support items. They can boost the character’s power and other abilities during combat. Although the effect only supports a short time, it will be very difficult for you to fight bosses without them.

MOD APK version of The Arcade Rabbit

MOD feature

Unlimited Bombs: The number of bombs does not decrease when you use them. You can freely place bombs all over the map to destroy enemies quickly.

Download The Arcade Rabbit MOD APK for Android

The Arcade Rabbit is a classic Roguelike action game with quite sharp and detailed 2D graphics. It offers a long, challenging journey. Rabbit will have to fight and overcome all to break the curse for the whole family. Please help him fulfil this noble mission. Download the game, start exploring dungeons and search for precious treasures.

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