The White Door Apk + Mod (Full Version) for Android

Do you love adventure? Do you like adventure games across vast lands? However, with The White Door APK, you will experience an adventure in a completely different way, which is an adventure based on the memory of the main character.

Introduce about The White Door

This game was released by Second Maze, the developer was founded by co-owner Rusty Lake. This is also the game that marks the return after a period of absence of Rusty Lake, the publisher is famous for the game in the form of mouse clicks and unlocks the plot. The White Door costs $ 3.49, but you can download it for free through our APK file. Before that, let find out some information about this game.


The White Door is about a mental patient named Robert Hill. He woke up in a mental hospital and realized his memory was completely empty. Help Robert face the strict habits and rules of the hospital, and help him regain his memory through hints. Robert began to feel depressed with repeated life. Who is he? What brought him here? What happened to Robert’s girlfriend? Look for answers in Rusty Lake’s newest adventure game.


Without sharp 3D graphics, the graphics of this game are like a painting that is quickly drawn on paper. The black and white of The White Door highlights the monotony and gloom in the protagonist’s life. Every day, he was locked in a room with basic items of everyday life. Colors represent Robert’s life. No emotions, no memories, no hope for the future. He is just living and trying to find his memories.

The game uses a completely new storytelling mechanism. The White Door divides the screen into two small screens, including a screen that helps to observe the whole room and a display detailing the objects you interact with. For example, when you touch the desk, the second screen displays the things on the desk, helping you read the papers. This is one of the implications of the game. Robert’s room is always being watched by someone. No one knows the identity of the person who is watching him and the reason he is being followed. That can be revealed at the end when Robert remembers who he is.

Every day, you feel that the room atmosphere is something different. The game brings you completely unexpected stories and events. You will feel like yourself in the game.


The story is not merely told in words and pictures, it is also told in the voice of Robert. He has a mysterious, cold and somewhat scary voice. Besides, when playing this game, you will enjoy the fascinating and haunting background music. The soundtrack is performed by Victor Butzelaar, a Dutch composer.


About gameplay, The White Door is the game that clicks and unlocks the plot. The gameplay is easy, but your brain works a lot to figure out the implications and solve the puzzles. First, you need to help Robert perform normal everyday activities like brushing his teeth, having breakfast, opening windows, etc. Don’t forget to check the calendar every day, as the nurse will ask you some questions about your name, day, month and year to check the stability of Robert.

You will discover facts about Robert through his dreams every day. Through the narration of the main character, you will know who he is, why he has to live in a special room for a mental patient. In particular, Robert’s eyes will glow every night. Do you know why? Let find out in The White Door.

Besides, players need to solve the puzzles and do tests for mental patients. To find the lockers’ passwords, you need to search through information related to Robert, which can be numbers on the desk, information on Robert’s patient card or a bit of memory left.

Download The White Door APK free for Android

The White Door is a great choice for those who like mystery games and unlock the plot. Although there are no dark background and scare scenes like horror games, the cold, mysterious atmosphere of the white room can make you feel creepy. This game will awaken your curiosity. After each day, the truth about Robert will gradually be revealed. If you love this game and find something interesting, share it with everyone in the comment below.

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