Tintin Match APK + MOD v1.26.0 (Unlimited Money)

Tintin Match MOD APK (Unlimited Money), an entertaining game combining match 3 and puzzle is now available for download on APKMODY. Join with Tintin on the journey to solve the mysteries.

Introduce about Tintin Match

As planned, the game Tintin Match was released by 5th Planet Games Development ApS on August 31 this year. This is a match 3 puzzle game developed based on the famous animated comic “The Adventures of Tintin”. With the familiar and fun gameplay mechanics, the publisher has cleverly opened up a vast universe revolving around the characters in the original animated series.

If you are a lover of match 3 games and Tintin comic series, do not miss Tintin Match. This wonderful combination will bring you more entertaining moments.

The story

Tintin Match retains the same core characters in the comic book series. It is a young enthusiastic reporter named Tintin. He is an intelligent and talented person to solve problems. During his travels, he has investigated many mysterious cases with just small clues. Accompanying him is an intelligent dog possessing an extremely sharp nose, Snowy. Snowy is also Tintin’s best friend. Two people can communicate with each other just by one look.

And we cannot forget Professor Calculus and his somewhat odd inventions. However, it is undeniable that sometimes those inventions are very useful for Tintin in solving cases. When you experience Tintin Match, you will also occasionally encounter the appearance of clumsy detective couple Thomson and Thompson.

Although you have a whole familiar cast of characters, you will be joining a completely new adventure that has never appeared in the Tintin comics. The first case you’ll face is called “The Crab with Golden Claws”. In this adventure also appears a new character is Captain Haddock. Haddock has an extremely large beard. He likes to smoke and drink alcohol.

Starting a new day seems pretty normal. The Thompsons are investigating a counterfeit money case, Snowy dog playing with an empty can. Tintin suddenly receives a somewhat odd letter from a stranger in town. And right after that, the person who sent the letter mysteriously disappeared.

Follow the detective Tintin find the truth behind the mysterious letter. Adventure through cities from familiar to unfamiliar, following the trail of a golden crab. Are you ready to find the truth?


To be able to solve the mystery, you must defeat a series of challenging match-3 puzzles. The gameplay mechanism is still similar to the games of the same genre. You just need to join items of the same type into a vertical or horizontal row, at least 3 items to make them disappear. Each level will have a certain condition for you to complete.

Tintin Match gameplay


Usually, Tintin Match will ask you to collect or destroy a certain type of item, but with limited moves. Build yourself a smart strategy to get three stars without having to play all over again.

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Crafting resources and building the world

If you have difficulty solving the puzzle, you can use the help items at the bottom of the screen. There are three main types of help items. The most commonly used is the hammer – capable of destroying an item square and the hand – swapping the positions of two adjacent square.

Try to complete more levels. They will help you unlock many new scenes and lands. And that means you will be collecting more resources.

Use received puzzle pieces to craft items to aid in battles. Not only that, the higher the levels, the more clues that are revealed to help you decode the real mystery that has been hidden for so long.


As soon as you enter the game, you will experience the opening story designed in a very beautiful 3D style. Publisher 5th Planet Games has teamed up with Moulinsart (the company behind Tintin) to ensure the authenticity of Tintin Match from the drawing to the interface.

MOD APK version of Tintin Match

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can use the money we provide in the game to buy many boosters and items.

Download Tintin Match MOD APK for Android

With simple gameplay, players will not take too much time to get acquainted with Tintin Match. If you are a fan of the cartoon Tintin, it is time to start solving the mysteries with the reporter.

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