TinyVale 0.11 for Android (Latest Version)

“Life is inherently very peaceful, we just need money, lots of money.”

TinyVale APK is a brief, lightly fun role-playing game, developed by The Carrot Studio since 2020 for both Android and iOS. The game has beautiful graphics, fancy retro colors. Play this game, each of your decisions will change a collective of residents in the cute village. Each step will be peaceful but full of concern. And what’s more, read on below will clear.

Introduce about TinyVale

Tiny game but very good interaction

I mean the interaction of both gameplay and the developer’s interaction with the user. It’s sound strange? Open the game link on the App Store or Google Play, this is one of the very rare games that whenever users see users reporting bugs, whether small or big, the producer will comment and ask for details.

I just want to emphasize that the people who make this game themselves are very-responsible. They always listen, always want to understand even the smallest thing. Few developers can do this very well. So, the future does not know yet, but I believe The Carrot Studio with this working spirit (and quality like this) will go even further.

A beautiful game with peaceful scene

What is everyone’s first impression when looking at the art part of TinyVale? As for me, I can only describe with the word “admiration”.

Honestly, the colorful games, the classic epic games, and the chibi sparkling princess games I’ve played a lot. Indie games I also fought for many years. But to decide to choose pixel art according to the classic cartoon-hand-drawn-animation style like this, and then go with this pale color tone, they take a lot of courage to dare to do it.

Because this type of drawing, as far as I know, takes a lot of time to design. Not to mention the lines easily crumbled if not skillful. The details are also quite difficult to express, especially when present on mobile platforms.

TinyVale’s main color tones are Taupe (gray-brown) + Sky Gray (blue-gray), Ash Gray (dark gray), and Celeste (retro-blue tone as the image). It takes style to dare to match this color. If the combination is right and suitable, it will be very cool, retro, gentle vintage, but if you do not come out, the game will turn out boring, monochromatic, and monotonous.

How to play TinyVale?

Play this game, you will play the role of a shop owner in that tiny town. The main task is extremely easy to understand and simple: collect items in your store to sell. That’s all.

But. Life always has the word “but”. The game they make is thoughtful, it doesn’t let you get money so easily. To get some items to sell for a profit, you will have to complete 7749 stages before. And these categories are what make up the comedy in gameplay. It can be named a few “short” journey steps as follows: If you want to have an expensive store, you must have rare, precious items (minerals or jewels, even rare mushrooms). But to find rare goods, you must have tools (such as hammers, axes, harvesters). But where do they come from? Money can be bought, but where does the money come from?

In order to make money, we have to diligently pick up every item that falls on the roadside, many a little makes a mickle, even gets the help of our neighbors. After we have money, we buy tools, exploit and search for rare things, bring them back, resell, make money, and then do more. The loop just never stops. Unless you get bored of playing anymore.

Playing this game just got addicted without getting bored. I played and was addicted for a week, after that, my boss gives me a lot of works. I had to leave TiniVale for a while. Just like we are working hard in real life, just to pay bills for the house and life. I did everything in TinyVale village, just to have money. After making money, you can buy anything and think further. My shop is finally pretty good after a few days of trying. But things are still very sparse. So the journey goes on and on, without stopping.

Download TinyVale MOD APK for Android

In hard working conditions, my boss not stop assigns more work, I am always in the position of needing a simple, compact, beautiful color image game, as minimal as possible (to reduce stress). The most important thing is good music, beautiful scenery, comfortable gameplay, gentle relaxation (stress relief), to kill time or focus are all okay (to stimulate the brain to think positively). And TinyVale has all of these. That’s why I tried it, fell in love, and then got interrupted many times for one reason or another. But then I also find into this lovely icon to play.

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