Titan Glory MOD+APK v1.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

There are not many games about the great robot war, so it is quite easy to recognize the ones with outstanding quality. One of them is Titan Glory MOD APK, in which you control a series of Giant Robots with Transformer style to enter fierce hand-to-hand battles.

Introduce about Titan Glory

Robot is always a topic which catch many boys’ attention. The fact that Transformer drove all of us crazy for a while in the past is a demonstration. Now when facing a cool great robot war game with a Transformer-like design image, how can we stay still?

In this game, you will assume the role of a mighty Titan fighting hard in the most intense battles. This time, you can experience the robot fighting for yourself instead of watching the heroic machines in movies as always. And like the Transformer universe, in Titan Glory, you will have dozens of different robot strains to choose from. Feel free to admire the arrogance with tons of weapons and different heavy attacks of each warrior.

Life and Death

Dueling in Titan Glory is not simply about driving warriors to the stage with an opponent. Here, you will be dropped into a mortal arena with a total of 12 Transformers present. Your mission is to find, face and fight the remaining Transformers in the same stage in turn and defeat each warrior. If you are lucky and tenacious enough to become the last survivor stepping out of the stage, you will be the winner.

Combining heavy robot combat with this survival arena genre makes any match in the game become so intense and brutal. Everyone wants to be the only one alive. From here, all wars are about to explode.

9 game modes to keep you on your edge

If you don’t like to cause too much resentment or being interested in the fierce competition, try out the friend mode. You can freely experience the dramatic but not too tense robot battle. Team play is also quite interesting.

The map system in Titan Glory is quite diverse. There are many meticulous 3D scenes, creating completely different feelings such as modern cities, deserts without people, forgotten ruins… Each battlefield will have its own advantages and challenges. The buildings in it are also bombarded when the robot hits, which makes an attractive and highly realistic scene.

Elaborate customization with lots of fun

Those who love Robot games also love tweaking Mech to create personalized warriors. You will be free to customize and adjust your own giant battle machines. Each choice gives different power stats in terms of Armor, CPU, Machine gun, Mobility, Speed, and Energy. At first, there are not many options, but as the accumulated score increases, you will unlock more majestic warriors.

The level of customization is so high that you can easily replace the Robot arms with the diverse military equipment system integrated in the game. The more heroically you fight, the more points you accumulate and the higher this customization ability is. Changing arms will help you change the fighting method from close range to long range or upgrade the corresponding weapons for higher damage.

The importance of graphics and sounds

Graphics and sound must be said to have been taken care of very enthusiastically. These also are the key to the success of this game. In addition to the beautiful 3D scene, it is important to create the best robot warriors. Each robot deserves to be a giant extermination machine with extraordinary firepower. Each projectile is a flash of light, sparks splattered everywhere, and the sound produced is so overwhelming.

Especially every time the enemy is shot down, the way the opponent stops and then crashes down makes us completely immerse in that battle. Remember to add external speakers or wear headphones to enjoy the best game.

MOD APK version of Titan Glory

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increase when you spend.

Download Titan Glory MOD APK free for Android

Now we will briefly recalculate the impressive numbers in Titan Glory. If you are a major fan of the Robot game, think carefully because you will get addicted to playing it. The game is currently available (and will be updated further):

  • 12 Mechs to unlock and upgrade by route.
  • A total of 6 huge arenas to freely show talent and be the sole survivor.
  • 7 primary weapons capable of mass destruction and 4 secondary weapons to increase tactical advantage in intense battles.
  • 9 game modes with different styles and scenarios.
  • 12 tournaments to accumulate experience and valuable items, and 12 online matches to freely compete with other Mech enthusiasts.

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