Top Speed 2 MOD APK v1.05.0 (Unlimited Money)

Top Speed ​​2 MOD APK is a racing game from the publisher T-Bull. Since its launch, it has been loved by many people who download and play it a lot. Let’s see what’s so good about Top Speed ​​2 that attracts players so much.

Introduce about Top Speed ​​2

Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing!


Top Speed ​​2 sets the context where you are a somewhat defiant and stubborn cop who is suspended for his habit of driving like crazy while on duty. While reluctantly resting, T.C.P.D. Officer Herring contacts and assigns you a special task. If you agree to do it, your profile will be clean as if nothing happened, then you will be reinstated and be free to do whatever you want as long as you don’t go over the limit.

Of course, you accept that offer with two hands and two feet. The task sounds quite hard. But for a monster driver like you, it can still be solved no matter what. The fact is that 5 supercars of some tycoons have been stolen. And your task is to find and bring them back in their original condition without any scratches.

Soon after that, another agent in the same organization, July Marks, also contacts you to introduce you to the profile of The Gangs in the city. This lady will bring you some supercars to test your driving skills to see they are still good after the suspension period. It’s actually a little tutorial before you get into the game.

Next, you will approach The Gang who are the Mafia controlling this city. The first gangster is Dominic Espinar, who is known as the Local gang leader. He is the first suspect to be approached. Later, there will be other strong suspects, each with their forte and foible.

Choose your favorite car

After such a brief introduction, July Marks will take you to the Car Dealer to choose a car to perform the task. Each car you see here will have different designs, colors, and specifications (Power, Grip, Shift time, Weight). You can be curious and try any car you want, but when it comes to choosing the car, there are only a few models in Tier 1. Cars in other Tiers can only be purchased when you upgrade.

In Top Speed ​​2, there are so many supercars that you can’t wait to see how shiny they are. Specifically, there are up to 71 types of super-speed cars (the fastest in the world today), such as Savage GT, Smartie Compact, Utimage City 4, Forcecast XIII, Rage ST… After choosing the car, it’s time to ship it to you, and the first race will begin. However, quickly after that, you realize that with this basic-level car, it is difficult to beat the mafia in serious races although it is good at first.

So, you will need July Marks to help upgrade the car. Things go on, and the racing against the gang continues to take place until you really prove your talent, gain the trust and respect of them, and officially become an “underground” member of the gang. And after that, you will find the whereabouts of the 5 missing supercars.

The speed is unlimited

Top Speed ​​2 is exactly an unlimited racing game. The freedom in the game from the smallest details will make you constantly admire.

The first is about upgrading the car. Superior to other racing games, in Top Speed ​​2, you can upgrade up to 7 different parts. All are very important. They can directly affect the speed and mobility of the vehicle. They include improvement of engine power, enhancement of landing gear, exhaust pipes, gearbox, turbocharger, and changes of tire pressure… Not to mention that you are also free to customize the car’s appearance by changing the paint color, car decal, etc.

Next, at the tracks of Top Speed ​​2, there are no restrictions on traffic laws. Here there is only “the law of the jungle”: whoever masters the speed is the winner. You can do whatever you want as long as you keep your car and yourself safe, and at the same time, surpass your opponent to reach the finish line with the highest rank.

Top Speed ​​2 also has many game modes for you to experience, such as Story and Elite Mode. In particular, the multiplayer racing mode is the most unique with a system of 3 different large maps: airport, highway, and harbor. Each map has its landscape, weather, and main color tone, very attractive and never boring.

In addition, the game also has many racing events held regularly by mafia gangs. You will be a part of them and freely display your abilities. Step by step, you will appear, win the Grand Races, climb the world-famous rankings, and become the best of the City Mafia. After that, the initially assigned task becomes easier than ever.

The game scene is short, but the visual impression is extremely high

The races in Top Speed ​​2 are long enough for you to experience all the fun of speed, but they are also short enough for your curiosity and excitement to be overwhelming. The scene at each game level reproduces every corner of the city realistically. The weather is shown visually and changed through the day very impressively.

If you want to comment about the super speed cars in this game, you can only say “Wow”. Their glossy, flashy, expensive, and luxurious looks are just one point while it’s the speed that makes you gasp in amazement. When the car reaches the top speed, it can run fast like an arrow, which is something you can only see in fantasy movies. Not to mention the extremely delicate 3D design has greatly improved the appearance of the car, it is even more beautiful than what you see on the internet or in movies. The effects of lighting, acceleration, nitro gas behind the rear of the car are very beautiful, showing the physics when moving fast.

Top Speed ​​2 also attracts players for a series of events that continuously take place, one after another in a thrilling story about the confrontation between the underground police and the frenzied mafia. The racing element is central but it’s the task behind it that makes it all strung together, logical, and coherent. You are racing with a great purpose, not just for fun.

MOD APK version of Top Speed ​​2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can buy even you don’t have enough money.

Download Top Speed ​​2 MOD APK for Android

Top Speed ​​2 is such a supercar racing game that is too beautiful, attractive, and dramatic. The racing phases are fast, eye-catching, and breathtaking. Are you ready to play the role of an underground policeman rushing into endless races?

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