Trash Truck Simulator 1.6.1 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Driving different vehicles, doing all sorts of tricks with special vehicles are some of the things we can do through the simulator driving game. And this time, when playing Trash Truck Simulator MOD APK, you will have a unique garbage truck driving experience.

Introduce about Trash Truck Simulator

Driving the trash truck is not as simple as you think!

The simulation game is always a large ore mine that has been exploited for many years, if done properly, it will never run out. There are many things that people are always curious about, longing to find, or wish to do but never actually do: driving, racing, flying an airplane, driving a tank, shooting heavy weapons… Each experience brings a different feeling. If you are interested in driving simulation games, you can try playing Trash Truck Simulator, which is also quite interesting and unique.

That’s because Trash Truck Simulator simulates a useful job, many people are curious but few want to do it in reality: drive a garbage truck.

What’s different about driving a garbage truck?

Compared to buses, ordinary cargo trucks, driving garbage trucks seems to be much more difficult. Because you have to stop at the prescribed stops, follow the available route, go around the city, continuously do the correct loading of garbage into the car and finally be at the gathering point to complete the day’s garbage disposal. While buses are only responsible for carrying people, trucks carry goods, the frequency of going up and down may not be too much, and driving on wide roads should not seem too difficult.

It’s different with garbage trucks. You have to have both skilled driving skills, focus throughout the workday and require good reflexes in many different situations. Because of just a little deviation, all the garbage in the car will fall on the road. Or in the process of shoveling garbage, it will accidentally fall on the road and make you struggle a lot. Waste treatment plants also have a certain working time, so if you drive too slowly, don’t get there in time, the factory runs out of hours, you will have more trouble. In short, it’s not easy to drive a garbage truck.

Lots of different garbage trucks

Trash Truck Simulator has many models of garbage trucks for players to freely experience. These vehicles will be used for different purposes and street areas, resulting in a slightly different way of working and driving. The challenge for you lies in conquering all these cars with your skillful steering.

Trash Truck Simulator will get you started with driving a basic midsize garbage truck. The simple task and every driver must do is to drive the car to the landfill, shovel the garbage into the vehicle, and continue to move to the various waste treatment plants of the city, where but depending on the ingredients, they will be burned or put into cleaning to protect the environment properly.

When completing the assigned task, you will receive a reward. Subsequent challenges will be more difficult, but the rewards will be correspondingly higher. The accumulated money will be used to upgrade incinerators for waste treatment plants or to buy new trucks. Depending on the amount of garbage, the current needs of each city, you will be the one to make the final decision about which part to invest in.

Should invest in trucks or incinerators?

If you choose to invest in a truck. You will experience many real-life garbage truck models in turn. Each has a different function, style, and color for you to choose from. Or you can add a little bit to your liking by repainting the car, adding additional equipment and accessories to the car, to make the car more beautiful, and capable of working more efficiently.

If you choose to upgrade the incinerator for your treatment plant, you will shorten your daily journey time and reduce capacity in the final stages of arrival at the plant. Each furnace has a different capacity and capabilities. Please decide according to the needs of the city. Burning trash also makes money. So upgrading the furnace means that there will be more money to do other things.

Images and simulation effects

Each type of garbage truck in Trash Truck Simulator is described quite well. The 3D image is fully displayed, the details inside are meticulously invested. The feeling of seeing every part of the interior and exterior details of each car is sure to bring special excitement.

Motion effects and physics simulation in Trash Truck Simulator are also well done. The way the car moves on the road, tilting back and forth when you deviate from the steering wheel, hitting objects on the street, weather effects, the time of day is generally very excellent.

MOD APK version of Trash Truck Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Trash Truck Simulator APK & MOD for Android

You can control your garbage truck in many different ways: using the virtual button cluster on the screen, tilting the phone, or using the slider, or the virtual steering wheel in the game. You can freely choose depending on your preferences and driving habits. Each has its own exciting feeling.

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