Undead Horde v1.2.1 APK MOD + OBB (Full Game)

After the success of the PC version, Undead Horde APK was released by 10tons on the Android platform. If you are a fan of zombie-themed games, you should not miss this game.

Introduce about Undead Horde

The zombie theme seems to be too familiar to the gaming community. The content of the games is also very similar. You will be the last survivor of a pandemic/catastrophe and have to fight horror zombies to survive. Games with reverse content are rare, however, and Undead Horde is one of them. This is a game that combines role-playing and adventure, where you will transform into a witch controlling the zombie instead of just a normal human.

Experience adventure in a fantasy world filled with bizarre creatures. Your mission is to control the undead army to destroy any life.


The content of Undead Horde still mainly revolves around the war between humans and zombies. For decades, wars between the two teams show no sign of the end. However, with the advancement of technology, human become more powerful and they have gained an advantage, occupying lands that do not belong to them (something is wrong!). Hundreds of necromancy masters and the defeated zombie army were subject to exile. You as the most powerful necromancer today will fight against humans to avenge your fellow human beings.


In Undead Horde, you will bring all dead creatures back to life and make them submit to you. Build a powerful army that can up to 100 corpses capable of obeying the master’s orders to attack.

In each level, you will command your army to fight humans, and unlock new types of minions. Undead Horde offers over 10 challenges ranging from poisonous scorpions to archers. Through the wasteland, overcast forests to the desert, you will recapture the land stolen by humans. The ultimate goal will be to confront and destroy Paladin Goodhelper.

You can see the gameplay of Undead Horde working similarly to Pikmin or Overlord. Basically, you will command your army to fight and defeat enemies with devastating attacks. They will follow you on the battlefield and attack whatever you request. In critical situations, your character can still use basic attacks to protect himself.

Summon the corpse

However, the necromancy’s power wasn’t limited to that. Your strength will gradually increase with each completion of a level. At that time, you can summon all kinds of immortal creatures to assist you in battle, including enemies that have just been killed. Thanks to that, the number of zombie minions will be increased exponentially.

After completing level 1, you will unlock the minion Crypt Keeper. As a result, you will have access to the graveyard to get more reinforcements whenever you find them. Zombies summoned from the graveyard are stronger than those summoned on the battlefield. They are divided into many types, each with different characteristics and attack power. Typically, the Dire Wolf can kill 10 enemies in one action, Archer can attack 30 enemies at once.

Complete levels to unlock more powerful undead to increase your chances of victory.


Destroying more enemies, the greater the booty (coins) received. Use them to buy power-up items sold in the store.

While the Undead Horde doesn’t require you to have a specific strategy when playing, I do recommend building a strategy that’s sensible. Determining whether you want your character to plunge into the fight or use the minion zombies will help you focus on buying power buff items for that target.

In addition, you can also increase attack stats by equipping your character with weapons. Like items, the equipment can be picked up in battles (occasionally) or purchased in the store.

Exchange with merchants

In addition to picking up items on the scanned maps, or buying them in the store, you can enrich your inventory by exchanging items with merchants. Sometimes you will be lucky enough to get a bargain in this deal.

How to install Undead Horde APK + OBB

  1. Download the APK and OBB files of Undead Horde.
  2. Extract the file “com.the10tons.UndeadHorde.zip”.
  3. Copy the folder “com.the10tons.UndeadHorde” to the folder “Android/obb”.
  4. Install the APK file.

Download Undead Horde APK for Android

Undead Horde is a paid game. To celebrate its Android release, the game sells for $ 8.28. However, on our site, you will experience Undead Horde for free just by downloading the APK and OBB files, then installing it on your Android device.

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