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If you don’t appreciate your life and always complain about small issues, you will probably find yourself a lucky person because you are not the main character in Under: Depths of Fear. This game reflects the obsession, fear, and grief of a veteran who used to stay after a trench. What is hell on earth? Does it really exist or not? Under: Depths of Fear will answer those questions.

Introduce about Under: Depths of Fear

The year 1917 is one of the most memorable milestones in the history of world war. The Western Front was devastated, while soldiers were fighting and bloodshed on the battlefield. Globiss Interactive took this topic as inspiration to develop the game Under: Depths of Fear. Players take the position of a soldier who participated in the first world war. His nerves were traumatized and this put him into an endless nightmare.

The plot

The game begins when Alexander Dockter is taken to a boat by a stranger. Dockter was pushed into the basement and lost consciousness afterwards. When he woke up, he found that this boat was dark, filled with ghosts. But worse, water was spilling into the compartment and a soldier named Lanky appeared regularly to watching him.

In the process of finding a way to escape, Dockter often encountered information about the program of Life and Death 2. This program has the content to help soldiers who died or live plants have a new life. What does Dockter have to do with this show, and is he part of the experiment? Only you can find the answer!

Don’t let your fear take over your mind

My first look at Under: Depths of Fear is a horror game. If you’ve seen the posters or trailers from the publisher, you will see long, dark corridors and somewhere else the appearance of a ghost. According to such content, you will have to navigate your character the boat – the space of the game to find a way out while avoiding dangers.

Of course, Under: Depths of Fear has a deep storyline. You will explore what Dockter is dealing with. The game has a bit of a puzzle element, forcing you to search for items to continue playing like pieces of information, or a key to open the door to another area on this boat.

Although Under: Depths of Fear’s story is long and mysterious, dialogue and text frequently appear on screen, there aren’t many instructions. Only when you die, a hint will appear on the screen telling you what to do to find the item in a tricky context.

Be careful with the ghost

Under: Depths of Fear is designed into levels. There are a few mysteries or riddles that need your answers. Of course, you need to play to the best of your ability to continue the game. Clues or pieces of information will reveal a little about the door you should choose in the other hallway. They are designed to be identical, some are locked, some aren’t. You will have to make a choice and hope that you are on the right track. If there is a mistake, you will face the monster or a large stream of water that causes the character to die.

Occasionally, you will receive a warning that the ship is gradually being engulfed by seawater. You only have a short time to find your way out. Otherwise, the character will drown, causing you to replay the level.

In general, Under: Depths of Fear’s gameplay is designed quite nicely. It contains elements of drama, puzzle, and timing. And that lock does not have to be unlocked with a key. A gun powerful enough to break the door completely!

The game has many horror scenes, not for the faint of heart

Some levels of Under: Depths of Fear appear monsters. You don’t need to search for items, or come up with solutions to any riddle. All you have to do here is run away from that bloodthirsty monster.

From what I saw, the monster’s limbs were quite long. It is inconvenient to open a door or bend over. So, you can lie under the bed, table or close the door to escape its quest. How does it feel to run away from something scary? That was probably what Dockter felt when memories of the war came to mind.

Download Under: Depths of Fear APK for Android

If you’re looking for some new feeling on Halloween, you can play Under: Depths of Fear. Download the game via the link below, install it on your device and start a terrifying experience!

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