Urban Legend Hong Kong MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All)

You may be used to horror movies and games. But have you ever heard of the “Urban Anecdotes”? Try Urban Legend Hong Kong APK (from the publisher Genuine Studio) to see how extremely terrible and strange this underground horror is!

Introduce about Urban Legend Hong Kong

Urban anecdotes with haunting lives!

How spooky and fascinating is Urban legend?

I call it Urban Anecdotes. Many call it a modern legend. Or you can come across it under many different names such as urban legend, urban myth, urban tale, contemporary legend, urban folklore… These are modern folklore stories about the world we live in, most of which are told orally from person to person. For example, the Ouija story is about a girl who went missing a few years later. She was found in a strange place when she completely lost her memory and only talked about her past life. Another story is that when going in an empty elevator and saying insulting words to ghosts, that person will be followed by ghosts for life…

These stories have not been confirmed. They are simply told by the people. But their ambiguity, half-false, and half-truth have made people constantly remember them and gossip about them. Even with today’s technology, they are still transmitted through news bulletins, emails, and discrete pieces of social media. Most of them start with the introduction “I have a friend who has this story…” and you will never know who that friend is. You can believe it or not. But each story, once you heard it, will not stop haunting.

And those urban anecdotes have been included many times in the game. Let me show you one game I just tried to play not long ago, and now still haunted by it: Urban Legend Hong Kong.

Urban Legend Hong Kong MOD by APKMODY



In Urban Legend Hong Kong, you will be Ronnie, a delivery worker of a milk tea shop, located in a small alley of Hong Kong. Some random things happened, and you had a crush on a girl customer of the shop. You had some strange meetings with her in her room. You knew she had a strange personality that was somewhat confusing through special orders at your shop, and broken words over the phone. You and the girl seemed to have a strange connection. Gradually, the two got to know each other better and gradually let the relationship develop beyond the customer and service person level.

But just when you thought you were going to be lucky enough to have your first love, that girl suddenly went missing. Your life has completely taken a turn. The sudden appearance and sudden disappearance of the girl had left you confused, depressed, and in a state of crisis. You were not committed to the thought of being left without knowing what happened, so you were determined to put all your work, time, and effort into digging through all the clues to find out what really happened with her. And after all, that quest led you to a dead land where just existence was too much of a luxury.

Now, you are still on the journey. Dare you do it? Or stop before it’s too late?

How to play?

Behind the creepy and attractive anecdote is a horror novel interactive game.

Each of the supporting characters involved in this anecdote has a little story of its own. Connecting, exploring, and following these subplots will lead you to different decisions. Your task in the game is just to make choices in the situations suggested by the game. Each choice, action, and word will continue to lead to developments and eventually, possibly an entirely different ending.

So, think carefully, put yourself in the situation of the character to act, instinctively and rationally.


If there was a time when you missed the legendary TVB and ATV movies of Hong Kong, you have one more reason to play Urban Legend Hong Kong. Because all things, the scenery, the design of the rooms, the old color scheme being a bit traditional and a bit modern, the character creation, the long narrow alleys, the noisy and stuffy high-rise apartment buildings you see in the game, are so familiar to Hong Kong.

And it is those contemporary retro designs that have become the creepy scenes in the game. It’s not as gloomy as American horror games, but it’s also not bright enough for you to see things clearly at night. It is just enough to make every sane head scream out in surprise.

Download Urban Legend Hong Kong APK for Android

The game is currently dubbed in Cantonese, with English subtitles. You can rest assured because the narration of the game is very coherent, it is using simple words that are easy to understand. Of course, the creepy feeling comes from the most ordinary things. Now all you need to do is to download the game, take a deep breath, turn on the light and the soft music, then start playing Urban Legend Hong Kong.

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