Wedding Salon 2 APK + MOD v2.76 (Unlimited Money)

For the first time, I found a game specializing in weddings: Wedding Salon 2 MOD APK. You can experience owning a dreamlike, luxurious, and rich wedding salon. A series of cool activities to prepare for customers’ joyful day. Download the game and try it out.

Introduce about Wedding Salon 2

Accompany the future bride


In the game, you will choose to transform into one of four beautiful girls to start your wedding salon business journey. You’re a bit passive at first because you only perform the requirements of the bride such as ordering the wedding ring, choosing the dress, making up, and doing the hair. In this step, the tasks require an extremely important level of detail. For example, to order a wedding ring, you must go to the jewelry store, check with the bride’s requirements, then choose the ring mold, choose the materials, choose the gems, place the order, and wait for the goods to be received, then deliver the goods to the bride.

But rest assured that later, these small jobs will be staffed (which you pay to hire) to do. At the same time, you are no longer passively accepting these small jobs. Instead, you will actively map out the things to do for yourself and actively advise, guide the bride in what they may need your help.

Endless expansion

Over time, the salon has become a trusted place for every bride and groom. At this point you start thinking about expanding into related services, and at the same time adding new branches in major cities in France, Italy, Bali.

Thanks to the continuous promotion and expansion of these services, in a brief time, you have become a true master in the stages of wedding preparation. Your jobs will go from costumes, embellishments, healthcare of the bride and groom before the wedding day to events on the big day such as making wedding cakes, decorating the party space, consulting on choosing fashionable clothes, restaurant management department and the cooking activities of professional chefs.

Every customer that comes to you is satisfied. The wedding day goes on like a dream, perfect from the costumes, the looks to the luxurious details and the food and drinks. You can even take care of the after-wedding part, including designing a memorable honeymoon, decorating the newlywed home with furnishings that match the owner’s taste and full of the cozy feeling of the newlyweds. You become the boss of the wedding industry. Just mentioning your name, people can accept to line up, postpone the whole wedding day just to have you as a guarantee, stand out to take care of everything from A-Z for them.

Specifically, what activities will you experience in Wedding Salon 2?

First, it must be consulting customers. Choose the dresses and make up for the bride by yourself. This is a remarkably interesting job, which I think any girl would be interested in. You choose your own clothes from several hundred beautiful wedding dress models available in the game. Customize the bride’s face makeup according to what she thinks is the most beautiful with hundreds of makeup items of assorted colors and styles. For me, this experience is the most difficult and unforgettable.

You can also experience a range of exciting activities as you expand your business to wedding day decoration and management like baking a wedding cake and cooking like a main chef in a client’s own wedding reception.

You can also try to decorate or arrange your interior at the stage of decorating the newlywed house for the young couple. With more than two hundred different selections of interior and exterior decorative objects, show off your talents.

In the business expansion step, you will have the opportunity to experience the Wedding salon space in fourteen different cities around the world: UK, France, Bali, Venice, Russia, Greece, Bavaria, Africa, Brazil, Korea, Australia, and China. Each place, your salon has its own appearance in accordance with the customs and practices of the region. Experiencing the feeling of owning a Wedding salon franchise like this is also very strange along with proud and happy.

In total, you will go through 154 levels from easy to difficult to manage time for all stages of wedding arrangement and preparation. Each time you “pass the stage”, you will find yourself stronger a little more. Everything after that, even if it is difficult and more limited, will no longer make it hard for you.

MOD APK version of Wedding Salon 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Wedding Salon 2 APK & MOD for Android

The game simulates a strange theme, talking about a wedding service salon from A-Z, experiencing a “heavy” business with a scale and scope of activities spanning the world. Play while immersing yourself in a fascinating career story, including conspiracy theories and traitors. This is an extremely entertaining game.

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