Wild Hunter 3D APK + MOD v1.0.11 (Unlimited Money)

Wild Hunter 3D MOD APK will take you on wild animal hunting trips on the unspoiled lands of the green planet. The 3D scene and the creation of a series of vivid animals will bring an extremely attractive hunting experience.

Introduce about Wild Hunter 3D

Hunt wild animals with a variety of weapons and vehicles

You know, many people like shooting action games, but not everyone likes to fight enemies, take revenge on gangs, or destroy alien monsters… Sometimes the experience of shooting in the form of hunting is a very good way for entertainment. You will both perform highly stimulating actions and have many interesting brooding moments. If you are looking for such a game with high-quality images, let’s try Wild Hunter 3D.

Wild Hunter 3D, the hunting game with many differences

In Wild Hunter 3D, you are a professional hunter who specializes in targeting wild animals from all over the world. You will not only walk to hunt but also hunt with a variety of means of fast transportation. Besides them are 3 highlights that can destroy all the most demanding gamers. Those are lifelike 3D visuals, an endless array of specialized hunting weapons, and dramatic slow-motion effects for bullets as they fly towards the beast.

Playing this game at first, you will think it is only about “aim and shoot”. But you will soon realize that the more you play, the more you will get addicted to it. Before entering a hunting trip, you will start with the selection of weapons. Depending on the requirements of each mission, you will choose the weapon accordingly.

Wild Hunter 3D has many game modes to suit players’ hunting preferences: Bounty Hunting, Challenge Hunting, Trials of Hunting. In each game mode, there are more than 200 missions from simple to complex. Each mission usually comes with several requirements: within a limited time with the type of weapon allowed, it is necessary to hit a certain position on the animal (e.g., lung shot, headshot…) in a certain way (e.g. hiding in the bushes and shooting stealthily while the animals are eating grass)…

Impressions from a series of vivid 3D animals

The first thing that surprised me was the creation of the animals in the game. They are large animals, sometimes very dangerous and strange. You may have seen them somewhere in National Geographics, but I can guarantee that such a 3D experience is not easy to have in the game. Each animal appears with normal activities such as deer eating grass, some bears catching fish by the river, tyrannosaurs walking around looking for food. Hey, you didn’t hear wrong, dinosaurs are also in this game. That means anything. In any space and at any time, the animal you will be hunting can be any ferocious animal such as Zebra, Jaguar, Elephant, Lions, Crocodiles, Dinosaurs escape from the ancient park…

Can you imagine the danger of this hunting trip? If you hunt without precision aiming and skill, you will most likely become prey for many wild animals. The only way to not harm yourself is to exploit your shooting skills, make full use of powerful guns to trap and kill animals.

Hunting with all means

Like an action movie, your hunting trip not only stops at walking, hiding, and shooting, but it comes to a higher level. In difficult levels, you will have to hunt on a moving truck at a fairly fast speed. Accurate aiming is usually difficult, now even more difficult especially when the truck is rambling on a rather precarious mountainous terrain.

Hunting with tons of guns

Along with these unexpected means of transportation, the guns equipped for the hunter must be said to be very terrible. Guns are divided into many categories: Rifles, Short guns, Assault Rifles, Pistols, and other special weapons. Each type has its own specifications and characteristics. The gun parameters include Max Damage, Damage, Stability, Zoom, Magazine Size, Reload time, Quality. Choosing the right gun with impressive stats will help you complete the mission faster and easier.

After each successful hunt, you will receive rewards commensurate with the difficulty. This reward is to purchase new special weapons, upgrade existing weapons such as gun’s scope glass, barrels, and gun magazines, and unlock new terrains.

Attractive terrain and dramatic slow-motion effects

When it comes to the terrain, it is impossible to ignore the following attraction of this game. Your hunting trip can take place in a variety of sometimes surprisingly beautiful sceneries: tropical forests, dry grasslands of Africa burning grass, polar regions of the Earth covered with white snow all year round… Each space is completely different, making the hunting experience once again much more enjoyable.

The game also adds an extremely eye-catching slow-motion effect when the bullets are fired and hit the beast. You will see the flight of the great vortex barrel and see the bullet hit the body of the wild animal, blood gushes out, and the large beast falls to the ground. Although this scene creates a dramatic moment, you need to consider it if you let the children in the house play.

MOD APK version of Wild Hunter 3D

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Wild Hunter 3D APK & MOD for Android

It is also a hunting and shooting game, but the series of differences mentioned above have helped Wild Hunter 3D have its mark, marking a good impression in the hearts of gamers. The hunting experience here is beautiful, exciting, and thrilling.

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