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WILL: A Wonderful World APK from the publisher WMY Studio is classified as a mystery adventure game. For me, this game is pretty weird. Assuming the role of a god is something that couldn’t be underestimated.

Introduce about WILL: A Wonderful World

Don’t change the past if you don’t want bad consequences

Touching stories

Do you believe in God? When you are in trouble, do you pray for a god to appear and pull you out? If you have ever thought like that, playing this game is really suitable.

You’re basically playing the role of a god with many servants around. Below the earth is full of mortals who are wishing to change their fate or find a solution for their unlucky life.

The entire story in this game is divided into two parts: one is from the God’s point of view, the other is from the human’s point of view. At first, I think these stories here have nothing in common. But after playing for a while, I realize they have a connection. Myth is a beautiful young goddess, whose mission is to help people through tricky situations in their lives.

One day Myth fell down the stairs, temporarily losing her mind so she forgot how to work. Unfornately, Will (Myth’s servant), the talking dog, was the only one near. In this state of amnesia, Myth had to work like this: using a pen, dividing the letters, and rearranging them in the correct order to change the fate of the recipients. And Will would be responsible for bringing back the cake when Myth needs it.

But the problem is that Will is a dog with many secrets. Besides, Myth is a fairy easily touched by the difficulties of people. She always wonders how to help people to lead a life full of happiness.

One day, Will couldn’t stand it anymore and erase Myth’s memories. He told her that he was the owner, and Myth was the servant who brought tea and cakes. The one helping the world then was Will. When Will replaced the role was also when you realized you had the same hesitation as Myth: A happy ending for a person does not always bring a good future. Sometimes the bad end is the way to save their life. Remember when trying to change one person’s fate, it affects the fate of others – including strangers.

A strange incident happens when Myth finds Will not working for several days in a row. After rummaging through all the clues to see where Will is, she comes across an old article. It’s about Wang family and their invention of two AI machines capable of changing human’s destiny.

It turned out that both Myth and Will were two AI machines designed based on the two lost children of Dr. Vuong and his wife. They used these two machines to save their two children. So, these two miraculous but also extremely dangerous AI machines had no reason to exist anymore. However, these two machines did not have a self-destruct feature and could only make everyone forget their presence. Then there were still people who remembered and used them for the terrible purpose of destroying the Earth and mankind.

Back to reality, when Myth understands everything, Will suddenly appears, and tells her that this was many years after the Earth was destroyed. During that time Myth was in hibernation, and Will attempted to change the past, but nothing changed. So, Will woke up Myth. Myth only now points out to Will that things change because the snow is no longer falling, but now stops.

Will wants to test it again by turning back time. But if they did, they might end up stuck in the middle of the dimension. Only when someone calls them from the past or the future, will they get out. The final solution is to go one by one and Myth goes first.

Left alone, Will confesses to himself (and to the player) that: in fact, there is no problem. However, because the energy is no longer enough for both of them to go back to the past, Will wants to send Myth back so he can live in the wonderful world of the past. After that, he will use the last bit of energy to erase Myth’s memories about him. When Myth runs out of energy, she will automatically stop working in this future.


Playing this game, you need to read a lot and cannot skip. Maybe the devs force you to read all the effort of the editors sitting down to write such an emotional story.

After reading, solve the puzzle. By rearranging the order, combining the letters in a sentence, you will change the destiny of the letter writer.

This part is quite easy. You just need to patiently do jigsaw or put words together. Don’t think the puzzle interrupts the exciting story line. It has so many twists that you will need a lot of puzzles to relieve that mood.

Graphics and sound

It’s just the still image, but it touches the heart. The color combination is amazing, and the character creation is suitable for the personality. The music is also extremely appropriate to the situation. There will be times that make you cry.
This strange game also has an incredible voiceover stage. Just by listening to the voice, you can imagine what the character’s personality is like. In special situations, there will be human voices or sounds for special activities like using a pen to devide letters from “humans” to fairies.

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“Everything happens for a reason”. That’s true. Even if you find a reason and change it, it’s unlikely the future will be any better because each person’s fate is already decided. The beautiful and happy world that the game is talking about is when people no longer want to change their lives but know how to accept and live well in their circumstances.

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