Wizard Legend: Fighting Master v2.5.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master MOD APK is a roguelike shooting action game from studio Loongcheer Game (Hongkong). Expected, the game will officially launch on the Android platform in December 2021. But it is really weird because you will play the role of a magician who shoots monsters … are even weirder. They are the mutant desserts (omg).

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master – Fun shooter game with the weirdest content you ever know

The concept sounds weird, but the character and the monster shape are modern

Our magician is a young man with an intellectual appearance, dressed in the world’s style today, not the style of beard and mustache. The story begins in the context of a hilarious magical world where magic can help to consume sweets, and our wizards do not need to worry about the weight.

But, the Dessert Company started to fluff, looking for ways to turn the protagonist’s favorite desserts into monsters. This leaves the mages with nothing to eat. Suppressing his anger, he set out to seek justice and wanted the other company to be responsible for its mistakes.

The main character mage will be equipped with an 8-box magic book, which means that in each battle, only select and carry 8 certain skills, out of the 50 basic skills of the five elements of heaven and earth.

These skills do not work individually, but they can also be combined to form new combos. So, in addition to knowing each attribute of magic, you also have to master these combos’ to destroy the dessert monster quickly.

An action game, but strategy is the core

The fact that you have to think, learn the context, the situation, and decide to bring 8 items of “treasure” and constantly thinking using coordination in battle has made Wizard Legends game: Fighting Master becomes a different action game. Not only fighting then finish but before that, you need to research and strategize thoroughly. If you don’t carry the right spells and combine the wrong recipe, your battle will end soon with a monster victory.

On his way to find the cause of the grievous truth related to his favorite desserts, the magician will, in turn, find the Antiquities. The game is full of minigames and reveals to you everything is interesting and interesting. Even a few minigames, according to me, find it even more attractive than the boss of that round.

In total, the game has over 100 artifacts, each bringing a new skill or enhancing existing magic to the young mage. Some are taken along the way, some can be purchased from accumulation points in magic stores that dot the game scene.

In some cases, with a lucky artifact found, the game allows our wizard to go back to where the scene started to re-select magic if needed. If you don’t feel like you need to use this special antiquity, you can save it or exchange it for money to buy another item in the magic store.

There are also antiques that do not bring combat value but are simply money or a lot of money so you can accumulate, used for later. In general, If you see antiques, please collect them all. Try not to miss any items. They are all beneficial, not harmful.

I really like the concept of “energy level” in Wizard Legend

When you have accumulated a lot of loot, beat many monsters, and got some new skills, you will be able to choose for yourself different levels of “Energy”. And for each next round of play, you can choose one of those energy levels suitable for battle.

For example, if you feel the ring is simple, choose a low energy level. Because when you defeat a monster with less energy, you will get more charges. Personally, I think this mechanism helps Wizard Legend to have a clear strategy. Few games can think of and do it.

MOD APK version of Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can buy and upgrade without Diamonds.

Download Wizard Legend: Fighting Master APK foor Android

As said from the beginning, this game has absolutely no gore because of the “unique and strange” nature. And do not expect a scary big boss at the end. When it does appear, it will disappoint you. It was just a nasty and horned mixed dessert. But to fight each part of his body and his moves is very hard. It is worthy of the final boss, but its appearance …

I have never played a “shooting game” game that feels this fun. What do you wait for without downloading this fun magic dessert party? Please download Wizard Legend: Fighting Master here!

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