Wobble Man APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Wobble Man MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads), an interesting and funny game developed based on inspiration from the tumbler. Forget the tired moments at work, it’s time for entertainment!

Introduce about Wobble Man

A simple but very interesting game

The game revolves around Wobble, a talented agent being tasked with finding strange things in an infinitely tall building. However, this is a secret mission so Wobble is not allowed to reveal anything, including his appearance here. Unfortunately, when Wobble got inside, Wobble realized that the building was being guarded very carefully. He needs your help!

Wobble Man screenshot


You look over the surroundings to find the stairs to go up. Once you’ve determined the direction, tap the screen and swipe in the direction, Wobble will follow.

As the game progresses to higher levels, the path to the next floor is not just a matter of finding a path behind the doors. You will face aggressive defenders. They have a red view and when you go into that area, you will be captured. So be careful!

Some tips you may need

In that infinite tall building, there were many suspicious elements and they could cause Wobble hurt. But instead of thinking of ways to avoid it, think of ways to use them to overcome all challenges. The power grids are activated by default, and anyone caught will be shocked to lose consciousness. Somewhere in those small rooms, you can find switches or machines that can push those who get in your way into that trap.

Violence is sometimes unnecessary and the game will tell you this when providing you with a camouflage suit. You just need to find and wear it, then go up to the next floor without paying attention to those stupid guards.

But if possible, violence is probably the shortest way to overcome a challenge. I noticed the old man locked in an iron cage at the 8th level. After an attempt to find the golden key to free him, he returned me with a pistol. Thanks to that, I defeated the guards easily.

As I advanced a few floors higher in the building, I began to detect blower fans and traps. They also have a switch to activate like the thrusters I mentioned above. Look for them, taking advantage of the terrain to be able to achieve your goals!

Golden tickets

During the mission, you will see golden tickets. Don’t ignore them, because every time you collect a trio, you have the opportunity to open the bonus chests! This is an easy way to make money, but sometimes it also puts you in danger. A few times, I caught residents living in the building. They kept screaming, maybe it was the signal for the guards to come and take me away. But with quick feet, I soon left that place!

In addition, when you get the golden tickets, you can also use them to unlock the safe.

Discover a unique skins collection

The fun of Wobble Man not only comes from the gameplay but also from the extremely unique skins. You can transform the spy Wobble into Joker, Optimus Prime or Batman. These skins are only symbolic, so you can earn them through ads video, randomly unlocked with 3,000 cash units per turn.

Besides, there are some special skins like three-eye robots. They have the ability to use melee weapons, so you will have an advantage every time against the guards. However, you must pay in cash with a preferential price of $ 1.05.

In addition, the trail effect is quite nice. You can buy in the store or collect items on the map.


As the level of difficulty constantly increases, you need help to be able to continue on this endless journey. The game offers a number of items including a gun and shoes.

With guns, you can shoot down anyone who tries to get in your way. However, there is a waiting period for the next shot. If you want to reduce waiting time, upgrade it.

Regarding shoes, they are really useful when increasing the movement speed for characters. Sometimes, I was spotted by the guards but they couldn’t catch up to me. Therefore, I easily took the golden key to open the iron door and walked up to the next floor.

In addition, other support items will unlock when you reach levels 55 and 75. They will be delivered to you via another third character, so do not miss any prisoners who are in need of help.

MOD APK version of Wobble Man

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Download Wobble Man MOD APK for Android

Although up to now, I still don’t really know what mission the agent Wobble has to do, but the journey to the floor in that endless building has left a lot of fun. Believe me, you come to this game just to find the same fun. Wobble Man is probably what you need right now. Download it and have fun!

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