World Of Pirate Ships 4.4 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

World Of Pirate Ships MOD APK is a classic multiplayer naval battle game in which you will have many minutes of ecstasy with your mighty battleship at sea.

Introduce about World Of Pirate Ships

BImmerse yourself into the world of large scale sea battles!

Do the impossible

Everyone wants to experience the feeling, like piloting a warship and participating in a series of fierce battles at sea. Combat, tactics, both stressful while playing and extremely relaxing when looking at the clear water, immense scenery and a series of massive warships make naval games always have an inexplicable attraction.

If you are looking for a naval game, multiplayer, high-speed sea battles, and epic scale, try World Of Pirate Ships.

Unlike other sea combat games, now you can pilot a massive pirate warship

Not the usual sea battles like world war games, World Of Pirate Ships is a world of constant sea battles with pirate warships. The game can only be played online multiplayer, up to 10 people on a map. Your mission is to destroy as many enemy ships as possible.

Especially, the game will automatically change the map every 10 minutes. So the face of the war and the advantage of attack also changed. It will make you have to continue to cope with the new situation, come up with new tactics and defenses. The rules of the game change, attitudes change, and the inspiration to play is always new. Never before has there been a sea combat game that applies such a thing like that. But I like it.

But the good thing is not only that. World Of Pirate Ships is also attractive in gameplay. Simply touch the water to navigate the ship, tap, and drag to aim and fire. For every cannon shot that hits an enemy ship, you’ll get gold. The bigger the enemy ship, the more gold coins. This gold is used to upgrade important parts such as hulls, weapons, and engines to increase running speed, or you can buy a new ship.

Of course, these new ships have both a more impressive appearance and better stats. The more money you have, the more opportunities you have to buy new ships, and gradually you can build a powerful pirate empire for yourself.

Easy to play, but hard to win because there are many constraints

As I said at the beginning, the map limit only allows 10 players at the same time, and the map changes every 10 minutes. The time limit and the number of players make it sometimes feel like you’re on the Battle Royale battlefield. Sometimes it makes me feel quite tense, but also a motivation to fight harder for a time before everything has to be set up from scratch.

The constraints and challenges also lie in the number of weapons you have on board. With each map, you only have three unique weapons and must find ways to adapt to them before your ship is shot down. The sailing ships in this game are like pirate ships. It’s all used up, so don’t expect accurate reflexes or marksmanship attacks. Many inhibiting situations will continue to happen when you have to exclaim “oh my god, this ship is so broke” because you shot many times but it doesn’t hit it. So sometimes you have to fight with faith and good luck.

Flexible viewing perspective

World Of Pirate Ships utilizes the third-person perspective in comprehensive scenes so that players can see the whole scene. But when needed, you can also switch to the first-person perspective to attack the opponent’s ship in close-ups. Each player will choose for themselves a certain perspective. The secret for you is to choose the right perspective with the weapon to have the advantage. For example, the weapons on the ship are mostly aiming at guns, of course, the first-person perspective is the best. If the weapon on the ship is a cannon fired from the hull, of course, it is advisable to go with a third-person perspective to see the whole scene, easy to aim, and easily attack directly on another ship’s hull.

Regardless of the weapons, they are always located on both sides of the ship. You will use your vision and skills to aim and fire at the enemy. Remember to pay attention to perform bursts of fire at an object to increase damage, and then finish quickly before another ship comes over and stalks to shoot you.

Graphics and sound

The explosion and fire effects in World Of Pirate Ships are quite intense, stimulating every second, making players unable to stop. The sound is well represented, the reverberation, bass, and soundstage of each detail are also very amazing.

MOD APK version of World Of Pirate Ships

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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The 3D graphics are also very impressive. Beautiful scenery, clear water, with many details around. The warships are all from the last century, quite outdated by today’s standards, but each has its characteristics of each country and region. The unique feeling of nostalgia will also be an unforgettable aftertaste when playing this game. In short, World Of Pirate Ships is extremely worth playing.

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