World War 1945 4.2.3 MOD APK for Android

World War II (1939 – 1945) was an endless topic for publishers to produce a wide range of titles in various genres such as shooting, action, role-playing, simulation. Recently, a strategy game named World War 1945 APK has entered the “club”, promising to bring players to battlefields filled with bombs in the biggest war in human history.

About World War 1945

The publisher PINUPGAMES produces this game with the ambition of creating a new breakthrough for strategy games with high-quality graphics and diverse gameplay, features that you can not ignore. The game has similar gameplay to some strategy games such as Clash of Clans, which is divided into two main parts: base building and direct combat on the battlefield.

The plot of war is like to the history

If you’ve read history, you probably already know the main content of this war. In the game you will be chosen between either the Allied or the Fascist, corresponding to the two United States and Germany. If the United States has modern warships and planes, Germany is no less in possession of powerful shelling and tank systems. This also reflects the truth in history, it has been said that “German tanks are the fear of the Allies on the battlefield.”

Building and protecting bases

Before going to the battlefield, you must first have a solid base defence system. This is where you train troops, store food, weapons, ammunition, etc. At the construction screen, you can do some work such as building buildings and upgrading them, collecting resources.

You build a building but then feel dissatisfied, want to move it to another location? In other games, you have to break away to rebuild from the beginning, but World War 1945 allows players the freedom to move buildings anywhere you want, as long as it in your territory. Part of the reason is that in PvP mode, you can attack the base of other players for looting, so you need to build scientific watchtowers to eliminate those who intend to enter your territory.

Multiple attack modes

Defending finished, now switch to attack. You can choose between PvP and PvE. The gameplay of World War 1945 is quite simple, just put the troops you have at any location on the map, they will in turn attack the surrounding enemies until one of two is destroyed. In PvE mode, you are exploring 14 familiar battlefields of World War II, defeating all and collecting valuable rewards.

Meanwhile, PvP mode is where you are challenged by other players around the world. Use the army to attack their base and show them who is the strongest force in this game. You can test a variety of tactics. Attacking directly, attacking from behind, using paratroopers, … all depends on your creativity. Researching your opponent’s defence system to find the most suitable strategy.

Impressive graphics

World War 1945 has a very realistic design with high-resolution 3D graphics. The images of the soldiers on the battlefield are simulated close to reality, helping you to experience the historical context of the biggest war in human history.

Download World War 1945 APK for Android

As I see it, World War 1945 is an in-depth strategy game and there are many interesting things to explore. You have many options to upgrade the army, opening up your own special tactics. Games are available on Google Play, but it doesn’t yet support the iOS operating system, so if you use this operating system you have to wait a bit longer.

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