Worms 3 MOD APK + OBB v2.1.705708 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Worms 3 MOD APK is a trajectory shooting game by Team 17 Digital, with the main hero in the game is a worm with a pretty funny face. This game is considered to be quite old, nearly 20 years old, associated with the childhood of many people, but now when it comes back to Android mobile and tablet, it is still as good as the first day. Because the manufacturer itself is always cautious in every step, each time back on a new platform is associated with a lot of new things, high perfection, and increasingly graphics.

Introduce about Worms 3

A chaotic turn-based strategy game laced with dark humour!

Retain all memories and add many new features

There is no need for any sublime plot, what is important is the experience when playing. So when you enter the game, you will enter the battle immediately. You will command an army of worms. Use your tactical mind and careful calculation to win your team. What makes Worm 3’s humor consistent from beginning to end is the turn-based combat. This is the thing that remains from the old version.

But of course, it is indispensable to new features as promised by the manufacturer. You will quickly discover the new features installed in the game: the appearance of trading cards. You can choose to use or not in all current game modes. The purpose of these cards is to add special parameters to the match. For example, you can increase the difficulty of missions, add some special support advantages for players such as increasing health, reducing damage from enemies, or reducing the influence of gravity on the worm army…

Another big change affecting the way Worms 3 plays this time is the way the worm controls. In this new version, you will have to accept to spend a little time getting used to the control mechanism on a set of virtual control buttons. These buttons are used to control movement, and at the same time aim at different targets during the game.

In fact, on mobile, there are more and more games controlled in this way, so if you have been playing games a lot, it will not be strange. If you’re playing for the first time, don’t be too nervous because the game system has detailed instructions on how to use weapons and support items according to the progress of the first match. Just follow it, a few times, you will get used to it.

Moreover, the weaponry of the worm army in the game is extremely diverse and diverse, several levels higher than the previous generation of games. There are still some strong level items like Bazooka, Prod, traditional Dynamite… Newly added, there is Homing Pigeon, Old Woman, the top of the top is a weapon called Nora’s Virus… When playing the game, you will be free to open a series of new weapons and enjoy the melancholy damage as well as the rare characteristics of each.

No longer playing alone, now the worm army can fight epic online

The main game mode in Worms 3 is Campaign mode. In this, you will fight with machines, go through challenging scenes and perform fiery terrorist shootings. So far, the game has 27 single-player missions on 4 new themes: Beach, Spooky, Farm, and Sewer.

In addition, there are quite a few new game modes that have just been added to the game such as online multiplayer or quick match matches with AI. Compared to the old Worms generation, these two game modes are the biggest difference from Worms 3.

Customizing the worm army has become a joy

Not stopping at the fundamental changes, this time, Worms 3 has turned the customization of the worms into a great joy for any player. The sassy worm warriors in Worms 3 are divided into 4 main classes. They are completely different in shape, size, speed, movement, and also different personalities.

Now, you can also customize all the soldiers in your squad such as adding equipment (wearing a hat, wearing glasses…). Even you can customize the way the worms celebrate their victory madly or what is written on the gravestones when they died in battle. At this point, you already understand the serious and meticulous investment level of the manufacturer. Playing a game where I know for sure that the whole team behind put all their heart into every detail, then, to be honest, I will feel very grateful and emotional when playing the game.

Graphics and sound

All images and intense battles in Worms 3 take place on 2.5D graphics combined with 3D. I did not delve too deeply into how these two levels are different and then how to get the image of that level.

I just know that the game looks very beautiful, the design is fun and humorous, the screen is very smooth, the movement is flexible, the close-up screens, the perspective are all shown very well. Especially excellent colored water. It’s very bright, detailed, both childish and mature.

Combined with the explosive effects, flying bullets, rockets whirring through smoke, destroying too much in the game, the sound is also what makes you excited. The sound reverberates when the missile destroys the ground, bullets fly through the enemy, the funny voices of the worms, mixed with the vibrant music, and then there are silences for you to think about your strategy before continuing to strike. Anyone who plays this game without being excited by the sound is probably turning on the phone in mute mode.

MOD APK version of Worms 3

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Download Worms 3 APK & MOD free for Android

Worms 3, childhood games are now back to be more attractive and more amazing than before. You guys must download and play this game right away!

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