Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 Mod + APK (Unlocked)

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK (Unlocked), a wrestling sports game is now available for Android. You can download the MOD version of this game for free via the link below the article.

Introduce about Wrestling Revolution 3D

WWE is no stranger to lovers of this sport. In it, the gladiators fight each other very fiercely, without following any rules. But the fact is that these matches have been scripted, which is just for performance. Even so, WWE still gives viewers the thrill, drama, making viewers feel like watching an action movie. This show gathered top martial artists in the world such as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, … With two main shows of this program, RAW and SmackDown attracted a huge audience in the world and brought in over billions of dollars every year.

Inspired by WWE, MDickie developed Wrestling Revolution 3D, a thrilling and dramatic action fighting game. Do you love the game show WWE on television? Would you like to join this once? With a completely new version, this game will surely satisfy lovers of sports games, especially wrestling.

Meet the superstars of WWE

Coming to Wrestling Revolution 3D you will come across familiar names from many programs like RAW, SmackDown or even NXT. This game is own to world-famous superstars like Angel Dust, Monty Python, Demento, Danny Might, etc. With a large number of characters that the game offers, it will surely make you excited and want to embark on collecting famous wrestlers.

But before you do that, you should also consider the character’s stats to make decisions about whether or not to include them in the squad. Because the character’s stats are not exactly the same as in real life and are reasonably balanced so you can train them like a true coach.


There are two selectable game modes includes practice mode and competition mode. Like other classic wrestling games, Wrestling Revolution 3D allows players to choose the character, then choose the opponent for the upcoming match. Before starting, players can customize the arena according to their wishes (turn off shadow, reduce crowd details, set limits on the size of the arena, enable/disable referee).

All the player sees is an American stadium and a wrestler’s arena. Winning heavy opponents and gradually climbing up the ranks to become the top fighter in the world. Training mode will change the perspective of the character. Players can freely change by clicking on the sides of the menu box. Advice for those who are new to Wrestling Revolution 3D is to choose a training mode first to familiarize yourself with the environment of WWE competition as well as further your practical combat skills.

You may not know, WWE Mayhem is also a very interesting wrestling game.


Wrestling Revolution 3D has similar gameplay to other games of the same genre. In which players will participate in the 1vs1 fighting battles on the ring. Control the characters using the virtual buttons shown on the screen. In particular, the buttons up/down/right/left to move the character. The A/G/R/P/T buttons help the character perform attacks, wrestle, pick up something and throw it at the opponent. Lifting his opponent and wrestling him to the ground, rendering him unable to move with his neck-lock, take down him with a kick and make him unconscious. Even while playing, you can make fun of making the referee mad.

Change the perspective of the character by clicking the eye icon (in the right corner of the screen). Pause the camera angle by clicking the Clock icon. Although the basic controls are the same, each character has a different set of skills, suitable for the style of each character.


Wrestling Revolution 3D has extremely beautiful 3D graphics. The characters are simulated like real people, not only that, the scenes using wrestling skills are also very well done. The sound is a plus point that makes the matches more realistic, the voice of the referee or the character is also designed very well. When defeating an opponent, you will hear cheers and cheers and his name echoed in the stands.

MOD APK version of Wrestling Revolution 3D

MOD feature

Unlocked All: Unlock all the features of the game.

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK for Android

It can be said that Wrestling Revolution 3D has perfectly simulated the hot, passionate atmosphere of the world’s most intense arena under vivid and beautiful 3D graphics. This game has some violence so it is not for children. You should consider it before downloading it to your phone.

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