XCOM: Enemy Within OBB + v1.7.0 APK(Full Game)

The alien-fighting games have never stopped being hot. Especially, in XCOM: Enemy Within APK, you can control not only one but many mighty warriors at the same time. They have extraordinary strength and advanced weapons, no less than high-class heavy robots.

Introduce about XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM’s Global War


Here’s the thing. Everything happened in 2015 when the Earth was invaded by aliens. One day, as usual, the city was suddenly shaken by a strange object with an unusual shape. Curious residents on the street came to see it, and some of them were killed by a blue light emitted from that object while the others were taken away. The situation was on red alert.

You are the commander of the XCOM organization, specializing in special missions to protect the Earth. Your organization was founded by 16 countries with the strongest military potential in the world. This important incident seems to be related to the survival of the Blue Planet and XCOM is forced to act. Under you are the most elite warriors in the whole world. Preparing the best tactics to defeat the terrible attack from the dark alien forces is a heavy responsibility on your shoulders currently.

While your mighty warriors go to war, you sit at the command tower to control the army and issue important orders for each person. The wars gradually come to success. When things seem to have more hopes, you discover a terrible conspiracy coming from inside the XCOM corps. What will you do to maintain your fighting spirit and, at the same time, quell the enemies inside and outside?

XCOM warriors’ missions

The massive battles against hordes of alien monsters are divided into many different regions, to each continent of the world. In each land you set your foot on, there are completely different climate, nature, and scenery.

The missions are different too. Sometimes it is to Rescue the inhabitants of the area, sometimes it is to Destroy the important base of the alien enemy, and sometimes it is to Find the weak points in their spaceship structure… Each mission will have different difficulty levels. Depending on the difficulty of each level, your ability, and your smart tactics during the battle, you will receive different bonus points. This reward is sometimes to upgrade weapons, sometimes to upgrade the skills of warriors, sometimes to open new ships for the whole team…

XCOM warriors, military bases, and upgrades

The XCOM Army is a collection of the world’s most powerful and heroic warriors. Each person has their skills and forte, which is clearly shown by the name as well as the main weapon they are using.

We have Assault warriors specializing in shotguns, machine guns to ensure flexibility, mobility suitable for all types of terrain. We have the Heavy that always takes on the role of disabling the enemy’s mechanical equipment with special weapons and equipment. Next to him is Support, who has the ability to heal and increase the defense of the whole team’s warriors. Not to mention Sniper, who can help shoot enemies quickly from a distance, specializing in complex terrain (which has many places to hide and observe from a distance).

In addition, XCOM also has Mec Trooper, a half-human, half-machine warrior, and a Drone robot tasked with investigating and surveying the enemy situation.

After completing each mission, the entire XCOM team will return to a secret underground base. This is also the place for command, research, weapons invention, and soldier recruitment. There are many different areas, each with its function. You will be shocked when you see the scale of this monumental complex.

By using a combination of weapons, each with a different function (support, attack, and defense), you will have the right strategy to speed up the completion of the mission. Combinations like this can cause extremely strong casualties for the enemy. For example, Mr. A is shooting a target from a distance with a sniper rifle, while on the battlefield, Mr. B is fighting hand-to-hand against the monster. In another corner, Mr. C is silently supporting both B and A with heavy guns with silencers. The better the weapons you combine, the more your chances of winning.

Upgrading soldiers is also an attractive mechanism. Each soldier will usually upgrade 2 out of 5 body parts to enhance his specialized skills such as Brain, Eyes, Chest, Skin, and Legs. And when upgrading each part, you need to select one of two typical important characteristics, depending on the battle situation. As for the soldier Mec Trooper, it is a bit more special. If you choose to turn into this half-human, half-machine soldier, you have to consume a lot of resources and lose the skills he has, which means you can lose the opportunity to upgrade body parts. But in return, he will be very strong and have a great ability to attack like storms because his body is almost immortal.

Images and sounds

The game has beautiful and high-quality images. The cutscenes are neither short nor long but enough to bring players into the feeling of being stunned by the destructive power of alien monsters. But at the same time, you can firmly believe in the strength of XCOM warriors. The game has beautiful scenes, and the 3D shaping is detailed and vivid as if they were real. The battles are so good with fire effects like crazy on the street. Playing XCOM: Enemy Within, you will have a lot of breathlessness because of the suspense.

And yet, visuals are only a big part of the game. The resounding success of the game must also mention the impressive sound that shakes the mind. XCOM: Enemy Within can be considered as one of the most intense, powerful, and complete 3D alien-themed combat games I’ve ever played. The fast-paced sound, the half-fast, half-slow rhythm, the subtlety in each battle, the crisp gunfire, the pounding footsteps, and the screaming monsters… all create the most intense battlefield ever. The best is the voice acting showing the individual personality of each character. It is short yet so powerful.

Download XCOM: Enemy Within APK free for Android

It is a super alien-themed 3D game with 40 epic maps. New series quests come constantly with mighty warriors and crazy monster enemies. XCOM: Enemy Within is too worthy of the title of a mobile fighting masterpiece. Anyone who is a fan of the action shooting game must play right away. Don’t waste a second!

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