Your Land WHAT Mod APK (Unlimited Money + Unlocked)

If you want production and approach video games and need to accompany humanity thru the a long time, there’s not anything higher than gambling Your Land. WHAT?!  MOD APK.

Introduce approximately Your Land. WHAT?!

Write your chronicle thru the a long time of humanity.


Your Land. WHAT?! is a real-time approach recreation from the writer Meteory on mobile. During the sport, you’re the immortal chief of a extensive land. You are on the pinnacle and the manual of all of your population. You accompany them thru the ups and downs of the periods, from the Stone Age to the maximum current existence today.


Your Land. WHAT?! Use pixelated photos for all recreation progressions. If you’re new to this visible style, you’ll be a bit uncomfortable before everything as feeling like each element isn’t always very clean. But after a while, you’ll quickly understand which you get a brand new feeling way to it. Although now no longer as sharp as 3D, the huge and small blocks shifting constantly at the display screen make the sport’s development quicker, and also you actually have a broader view than simply focusing at the details.

Wherever the land extends, you are making your mark there

At first, you best begin with some population and a small plot of land withinside the forest. Collecting wood, you’ll mild the primary fire, bringing mild and transient protection in your humans. You will then want to acquire absolutely each person to hold woods, technique them, and construct the primary timber huts to keep away from harsh herbal conditions. After you’ve got got a residence/hut, you’ll want to make a fence to maintain out wild animals. You will then begin planting and crafting different looking and collecting equipment in your wealth.

When matters are extra stable, you’ll start to assign particular labors very well and scientifically. One organization makes a speciality of mining, some other organization makes a speciality of farming to make certain meals for absolutely each person, one extra organization looks after the production, and some sturdy citizens are selected as warriors for the tribe. At this time, the guns are extra inquisitive about developing. You will understand that we can’t do with out the function of blacksmiths and weapon-making centers. Thus, a useful residence is set to be born.

Then citizens have extra complicated desires inclusive of isolating into small families, constructing their personal kitchens. The department of land have become extra awkward, main to conflicts. From here, the department in social order appears, even on the maximum rudimentary level.

It has brought about skirmishes, combating for territory among small corporations withinside the tribe. You will ought to be the chief who unearths peace and solves those contradictions. Doing this may carry humanity thru the second one level of humanity, the Iron Age.

Rewrite human history

At the start of every length, you acquire a “challenge list” which lists all of the super functions of that length and the vital matters that want to be executed for brand new developments. For example, at the start of the Iron Age, you want to guide humans to construct vital homes inclusive of windmills, foundries, smithies, sawmills, specialised useful resource mines, large houses, small houses…

The workload is increasing, extra sophisticated, and particular. You will see that the sport interface is not some small areas however has unfold to maximum of the display screen. And particular in it are the sturdy, non-prevent sports of loads of citizens. Dozens of works are below production day and night, and the whole thing progresses strongly. At this time, you constantly pick equipment, areas, and resources. You will locate your hand shifting extremely good quickly. That’s whilst society step by step develops and prepares to go into new, extra intense, and chronic wars.

Just like that, development, negotiation, strugglefare, then development, and strugglefare again… That loop has added humanity thru the periods: Prehistory, Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern. You can play they all till your electricity runs out.

Each length in the sport has its personal particular color. In the start, the empty land offers you a sparkling inexperienced color, however additionally complete of sprawl and absence of social order. Later withinside the Ancient and Medieval periods, the whole thing is extra prepared and civilized, however you need to move into steady wars with many forces. Things step by step come to be complicated, and the encircling area takes on gloomy color. Besides inexperienced patches are darkish matters, maximum of which come from human ambition.

In the later periods, there are not small battles, however large wars. Each strugglefare can absolutely extrade the face of the arena (as you could have recognised thru the World Wars). The wars are great and harsher than ever. So that whilst you ultimately locate peace and regain humanity’s civilization, you’ll understand that what you want is to jot down lovely pages of human history, now no longer to spend time on wars.

Accompanying humanity thru the a long time will provide you with a entire and impartial view of the arena chronicle. You will understand that regardless of how first-rate an character is, he’s only a grain of sand withinside the desert. The best issue that we are able to do to make a contribution to super humanity is to do our suitable paintings withinside the present. Because human energy is limited, existence is likewise limited, it’s miles even extra vital to stay well, stay fully, and prevent questioning and searching at matters that don’t belong to you.

MOD APK model of Your Land. WHAT?!
MOD functions
Unlimited Wood (boom whilst you spend)
Unlocked Paid Content
Download Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK for Android

The recreation does now no longer have a clean story. You will write your personal and humanity’s history. You will supply the definition in your personal eras. The query for you at some stage in this recreation is “If you may be immortal and feature the strength to determine the arena, which route will you steer the whole thing in?”

Download this cool real-time approach constructing simulation recreation to play, absolutely each person. It gets you addicted too quickly!

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