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Gamevil continued to return to the mobile game rankings after a year of launching Zenonia 4. Around November 2012, they continued to release the 5th part of the Zenonia series with the name Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny. In this game, the developer promises to bring more new mechanics than the old parts.

Introduce about ZENONIA 5

The story

With the return of part 5 in the Zenonia series, Gamevil has received countless praises from the gaming community in many countries around the world. With a comprehensive change from the old game, you can consider it as a revolution from the developer. Not only that, but players are also fascinated by the game’s compelling storyline. After defeating the demon lord, Lu was chosen as the next king of Andra. However, the happy life only lasted a short time, the kingdom was undergoing many great changes.

The game is set after the war, people are overshadowed by their greed and selfishness. The nobles began to exploit the poor people and darkness once again enveloped Andra. One of them is Aster, he was killed when the soldiers hunted down the corrupt and this time, he has returned to take revenge. In the midst of that situation, a hero from a devastated village stood up to fight the evil forces that were plotting to destroy Andra.

Classic role playing gameplay

Like previous versions of ZENONIA, ZENONIA 5 is developed with the classic role-playing gameplay. The first step, you choose your character class, then go to do the plot quests given by the NPCs. The control is the same, you can use the joystick button to move, use the right keys to perform attacks. In addition, you need to take care of leveling up, farming equipment and upgrading skills to increase the strength of your character.

The game still has two main game modes: Story and real-time PvP. Through the PvP arena, you can participate in direct battles with other players from all over the world. After PvP matches, you will receive attractive rewards if you win.

Character system

Zenonia 5 includes 4 different character classes. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the character class you want, it includes Abel (Berserker), Evan (Mechanic), Neal (Wizard) and Ryan (Paladin). Abel and Ryan are melee attacks that you can play in a hybrid way to both deal damage and not die in just a few monster attacks. Evan is an archer, he will use a dual pistol and a cannon in battle, the most common way of playing is to deal great damage, quickly destroy the enemy.

As for Neal, you will need a lot of INT line points to deal skill damage to monsters. A special feature in this part is that you can edit the character’s appearance, including hair and skin color. Each character has three skin and hair styles for you to choose as you like.

Forging equipment

About this feature, there is nothing new, it still only includes 3 features that are Upgrade, Combine and Refine. Each feature makes your equipment stronger to take on tough challenges. Equipment will play an essential role in improving the character’s stats, helping you a lot in completing the game. In addition, becoming stronger also helps you participate in other difficult game modes to receive many attractive gifts.


Abyss is a new mechanic in the Zenonia series and is highly challenging. You can only join it for free once per day. Each gate has a random number of monsters and types, and you can only fight for a certain time. After every 10 floors, powerful Bosses appear to confront you. Note that items are prohibited from being used in this mode.

Besides Abyss, the developer also created Hell Mode. This mode only opens after you have defeated Salvatore and completed the game. You will return to the village of Agran, equipment and skills will be from the previous turn, you do not need to play from the beginning completely. However, the weakest monsters all start at level 90 or higher, the task of the game will be different from the first.


There is a slight change in the PVP mechanics of Zenonia 5 compared to the previous one. The format includes only 1vs1, your opponent is a random player 5 levels above or below you. After 3 seconds countdown, you have 90 seconds to take down your opponent. Of course, items are prohibited. When you reach a certain number of wins, you get the title. Depending on the type of title, it will give you a separate stat, the titles that won a certain victory will add up to all stats. Only the Loser title, obtained when you lose 10 matches, will add 10% defense for you.


Like I said, Zenonia 5 has a graphical revolution. Everything is markedly improved compared to the previous installments. Character design, maps, animation are all much better. Not to mention the interface in the game has also been improved. Now, you can move characters smoothly, perform extremely beautiful skills. However, it is still not comparable to games designed with Unity or Unreal Engine. But only with Digital Design that makes such a game is also worthy of praise.

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If you are looking for attractive action role-playing games, then Zenonia 5 is your right choice. It’s completely free, but has good gameplay and beautiful graphics, although the only annoying thing is that your inventory is limited, you need to use real money to expand it to be able to hold more items. Let’s transform into heroic characters fighting to protect Andra.

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